5 must-have items for the River Tubing trip in the Texas Hill country

Putting together the ultimate river snake ride in the Texas Hill Country should be a blast. When so much of our lives are surrounded by the hard concrete jungle of today's big cities, it's a great way to recharge your batteries to take a soothing ride down the river.

Before heading out into the countryside, however, it is important to think about what you need to pack for your trip. You can't take everything you want or need. Otherwise, you will be weighed down by all the extra things. However, you can take the right things with you to ensure a solid ride that keeps the fun ahead. Here are five items that need to be on your packing list when getting piped into Texas Hill Country:

1. Sunscreen – Sunlight causes serious damage to your skin if it is not protected. For a few dollars, it's a simple matter to have a good sunscreen and reapply during the tubing trip that pays for itself when it comes to peace of mind. Don't get caught up in the grandeur of Garner State Park in Concan, TX without anything protecting you.

2. Mosquito Spray – Snake down the river can mean being exposed for a few hours, so being able to keep mosquitoes away is essential for a good time. If you decide to go after the snake to Utopia Park in Utopia, TX for their annual fireworks show July 4, for example, keeping the mosquitoes at bay will be ideal while enjoying a bright, beautiful Texas night.

3. First Aid Equipment – More than likely you will be traveling with family or friends. Set someone to have a first aid kit available. You can even create one yourself and include basic items such as bandages, alcohol wipes, antibiotic gel, and, if possible, an emergency allergy shot.

4. Compass / Maps / GPS – Depending on when you go on the trip, you may actually find a large amount of traffic that makes it far less likely to "get lost." However, having a way to keep track of where you are can be important in case something happens. Another reason to know where you are may be related to being aware of the country you are in. The Lost Maples State Natural Area in Uvalde, TX is known for its beauty, but visitors are asked to stick to marked trails due to inherent dangers of rough terrain. Walking in unprotected areas can also cause damage to the maple trees that give the area its name.

5. Life jacket – The most important element to carry with you is perhaps a life jacket. Everyone is worried about how it can give them an uneven tan. Others see that the water is not so deep. The fact remains that life jackets save lives. The tourist website Uvalde County has a direct link to the Geological Survey site in the US regarding water levels to be checked in advance. Sometimes it is more important to be safe than to be cool.

A little common sense can go a long way when planning a Texas Hill Country river tour. As with all outdoor trips, plan smart and keep safety as your top priority.

Texas tourism is booming: this is why

The US is a country undergoing a bit of a rough update right now, and with every period of trials and tribulations, dips in how much people want to travel. Even with what seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for traveling in this great country, it seems that Texas tourism is weathering the storm better than even the most gritty travel experts could have predicted. The question is simple – why? How might the Lone Star State be able to maintain a steady movement of travelers across borders when other states see breaks?

It is best to think of the tourism boom in Texas as more than just a topical blip. Indeed, the campaign to make Texas a prime destination for the towers has been in full swing since the 1960s. At that time, Texas was seen as nothing more than a relic from the Old West, and it certainly did not help that it was a presidential assassination in Dallas in 1963. Times were tough for the state, and even its own residents sought greener pastures.

Finally, an organization called the Texas Tourist Development Agency was created for the sole purpose of making Texas seem like a place to be. With just over $ 100,000 in the mid-1960s, the agency began to work. By 1970, tourism had started to skyrocket, and revenues had broken a billion dollars.

Since then, the agency has been absorbed by other state government offices, but the Texas tourism boom still keeps steady, and when you go back and look at things, you can understand why. First, Texas is very business friendly. Generous tax cuts and subsidies have attracted some of the biggest brands on the national and international stage. This migration of businesses to Texas has certainly marked itself. For the past decade, for example, the Dallas / Fort Worth metro complex was only second to New York City in terms of retail, warehouse, office and rental space. Experts on real estate, retail and finance not only noted the historic length of the boom in Dallas / Fort Worth, but they also agreed that there would be no takedown anytime soon.

The jump in companies that make their home in Texas has meant better job openings for both residents and non-residents. The uptick in the number of jobs usually also affects the retail markets.

Perhaps the finest reason Texas has found itself so high up on the list of satisfying places to visit, or call home, is that wherever you are, you can always find a hidden gem of a city with a lot of hospitality and charm to offer. Besides, you are not really more than a day trip from the largest cities in Texas (e.g. Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio), and with hundreds of thousands of miles of roads, Texas is the ultimate road trip destination.

Texas tourism certainly sees a new era of explosion, but in reality the Lone Star State has been on the rise for the better part of six decades. All this means to you and your family that when you decide to visit, you will be well in time.

Joyland Amusement Park, Lubbock, Texas – a great vacation and destination

There is probably no place that sparks the mind with sights and sounds as amazing as those remembered when someone mentions the words, amusement park. People of all ages enjoy theme parks, and if for some strange reason you do not, you are the exception when it comes to being human.

When it comes to theme parks, Joyland Amusement Park, in Lubbock, Texas, is a place that will make for a very enjoyable day for any visitor.

Joyland Amusement Park has over thirty amazing rides to satisfy even the most discerning amusement park patron saint, and has rides to suit any age. For the young people who come to visit, there are many trips they will enjoy, such as becoming a pilot for a helicopter.

Grab the controls and pilot a helicopter as it flies across the sky as far as your imagination can go. Take a trip back in time while driving an antique car. Become a captain on a boat and ride this amazing attraction over a water-filled area, and there are many more trips for kiddies to enjoy.

Why not climb aboard the carousel and enjoy the music and sights of the family and the elderly who enjoy the slower paced, relaxing walks. Take a relaxing, yet exciting ride around the park aboard a train, or enjoy the other family trips. For visitors who want all the horror and excitement of the fast-paced terrorist tours, there is sure to please someone.

Experience falling to the ground from over a hundred feet in the air, without crashing into it, at the Dare Devil Drop. Hold on to your belly and everything else while you enjoy spinning, turning and moving at high speeds on the Tilt-A-Wheel. Besides the trips I mentioned, and the many others that I didn't, there are Water Rides as well. From this article that has written, Joyland Amusement Park has over thirty trips.

Besides all the walks, don't forget the goodies to eat and drink while visiting Joyland Amusement Park. Only a few of the foods they offer are; funnel cakes, cotton candy, popcorn, burgers, sausages, fries and many other good foods.

For drinks and treats, why not try shaved ice, in one of the many flavors on offer, or what about a coffee or hot chocolate. If it's too hot, or not the time of day to have a hot coffee or hot chocolate, enjoy a cold soda, or a fantastic milk shake, or one of the other delicious drinks.

Joyland Amusement Park offers options to save money, such as bracelets, as well as several offers and discounts held on different days and times of the week. There are also discounts and special offers and more for school trips, groups, birthday parties and whatever else you and your groups need.

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