Fun things to do in Austin, Texas, that get you out of town

Every time you come across a big metropolis, the area around it is usually lumped in. This is certainly the case with Austin, Texas, which is why if you are curious about the fun things to do in Austin, Texas. participate in activities outside of Austin City limits (see what we did there … LOL).

If you live in or near Austin, you live in quite the golden age because there is almost an incredible amount of really fun things to do in this part of downtown Texas. In addition, Austin has grown as more people have heard of its coolness, which means more are starting to explore the smaller towns on the outskirts.

If you're trying to squeeze some fun out of Austin, Texas, it's time you embraced the short-haul lifestyle and got a lot of these great outings:

Lockhart is Barbecue Country – Franklin Barbecue has given Austin residents a pretty big head when it comes to who is the king of the grill, but a short drive out to Lockhart will get the knees of all barbecue lovers excited. If you're looking for a fun challenge, get some friends together and grab a bite to eat at Smitty's, Kruez's and Black's one after another. You may be hurting on the return trip, but it will be the best pain ever.

San Antonio and how Texas became a state – Perhaps the greatest battle scream ever ("Remember the Alamo!") Was born out of tragedy on this mission in the heart of Texas. The Alamo is such a part of the city of San Antonio that you might miss it in the middle of the busy city's hubbub. You've seen it many times on school trips, but it really comes alive as an adult.

It's getting hot here – Did you know that Texas summers are hot? Well, did you also know that it doesn't do any good to complain about them? With summer comes the swimming season in Lone Star State. Try the fancy water parks like the Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, or make a day of checking out some swimming holes.

Bend your artistic muscle – Austin is an epicenter for artist and art in general, but there are a number of people who say it's a bit played out. Turn "I-can-find-no-art-blues" by traveling to Wimberley, TX. You find art for the sake of art that is not pretentious or elitist.

Some really great "Hootch" – Driving out to Dripping Springs, TX will make you a little confused as they look at themselves as "Gateway to the Hill Country," a claim just about every little town around Austin. That said, Dripping Springs has made some noise in the beer, wine and liquor markets, which has led many experts to believe this city is heading for a boom in the near future.

In fact, finding fun things to do in Austin, Texas, is simply as long as you are up for something. You may find that leaving your little bubble will open your eyes a bit and let you see a side of Texas that was right under your nose.

Explore the city of Brownsville

Brownsville, known for being the sixteenth most populous city in Texas, USA, is located in the southernmost part of the US state. The US-Mexican border is 5 minutes from Brownsville Airport, making it an interesting place to travel to.
One can use the railroad as a mode for traveling to the city of Brownsville. Bus and road services are also available as a means of travel; However, the fastest way to reach this goal would be to use air mode.

This city has its own airport known as Brownsville / South Padre Island International Airport. To travel from the airport to the city, the airport provides travelers with various transportation facilities, ranging from Brownsville Airport transfers to luxury cars.

Depending on the passenger's preferences, it can be reserved for shuttles, either at the airport or online, for passengers traveling alone. People who visit the city for conferences and meetings usually choose lavish transportation options. To meet this need for business class passengers, the airport is also equipped to provide cars and taxis through rental companies located at the airport. Although the car is more convenient when traveling, the transportation proves to be more economical.

The shuttle bus times are very stiff. Airport authorities are putting together a plan to determine regular shuttle services to and from the city to ensure that consumers reach their destination on time, even though it is a shared journey. Other public transport from the city's airport includes shared vans, buses and shared taxis. Among the aforementioned methods of transportation, Brownsville airport transportation is the best if you want a safe journey.

The shuttle service fee from BRO Airport to South Padre Island is approximately $ 2.00. One has to change the shuttle only once in Port Isabel, Texas. If the preference for the mode of travel is taxi, the cost can go over $ 75 from BRO airport to the island. Shared cab prices are relatively less. Car hire can range from $ 7.00 to $ 150, depending on the type of car being rented. Metro, as a commute mode, is the cheapest since it costs up to a maximum of $ 1 compared to bus services that cost at least $ 4.50 at least.

Texas is a densely populated state, and Brownsville is the sixteenth most populous city, and transportation services, which are economical, are most used in comparison to the other modes of travel.

Family tent camping shop: Tent camping in the great state of Texas part 2

First, let's talk about a campground called Daingerfield State Park, located about twenty miles from Daingerfield, Texas in northeast Texas. This campground is small, but it is perfect for taking the family on a trip and just relaxing and enjoying quiet time. The campsite covers about 551 acres of wooded areas. The tent-only campsites are located in the Cedar Ridge area and offer amenities such as a picnic table, tent pillow, fire ring, water and toilets nearby. This would be an ideal place for families with first time camping. It offers swimming (unsupervised) and fishing (license required) Canoeing is allowed and some boating with some restrictions. The tent campsite can be reserved online, but six of them must be reserved in the park. I personally have not used this campsite, but have used others in the area, but this one has been highly recommended by me.

There are other similar campsites located in East Texas, with different amenities, but they will all offer great freshwater fishing, amazing scenery and different wildlife. This provides a great adventure for a family trip.

Let's head west to a campground called Cleburne State Park. I personally hope to make this one of my next camping destinations. The campground is located about sixteen miles from Cleburne, Texas. It offers campsites for tent camping and RV camping. Facilities include tables, barbecue, fire ring and toilets nearby. This can be considered part of the Texas highlands and offers different trails to explore. Boating and fishing are available on beautiful Cedar Lake, making this a nice way to spend the day with your family. There are no groceries, food or camping equipment at the campsite, so they must be picked up by the campers. Ice is also not available. This is an ideal campsite to gain experience before making a family camping adventure in the wild.

Personally, I like this campsite in one of the nearby attractions. Dinosaur Valley State Park is just thirty minutes away. Prehistoric times have always held my fascination. When I was working in the country of Oman, I collected all types of fossils, geodes and fossils.

More information about this campsite, with regard to prices and directions, can be obtained from the website of Cleburne State Park, Texas.

We will continue to travel south-west to an area called Big Bend National Park. This place is just amazing. I have seen a lot of beautiful scenery on my travels internationally and here in the US, but every time I see this place I just stand in awe.

There are over a hundred tent sites in Big Bend National Park. Facilities on offer include tables, grills, toilets and running water. The height here is 1850 feet. There is another campsite that is higher at fifty-four hundred feet, called Chisos Basin Campground with the same amenities as the previous campground. Both of these campsites are open year-round. Needless to say, there are other campsites in the area available, but these two are my favorites.

Things to do in Big Bend National Park are too many to list. Research for reservations and things to do in Big Bend National Park is easily researched by visiting their website. I strongly recommend spending some time researching the park if you are planning a camping trip here.

Until next time Happy Trails and go out and make some family history and Lore.

5 Texas tourist attractions that are perfect for field trips this fall

Fall is a magical time of year in Lone Star State, because while you are not quite sure what to expect from the weather, you can always be sure of a great adventure. However, Texas tourist attractions benefit from the rich season experience because Texas is a getaway state. It is a large state and there is much to discover.

Although there are some general tourist attractions that are thrown around in conversation and advertising, it is nice in Texas that there is so much more out there. Here are five tourist attractions that are as unique as Texas, but still pack the fun you want from a seasonal trip:

1. Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park in Brenham, TX – This fun park packs fun for the whole family and is an important part of their draw. All of their activities are tailor-made for everyone, about all ages, and can have a blast. From go-karting to rock climbing, everyone will be fine.

2. Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, TX – This Renaissance festival is special because of its flair and ability to have maintained a place in the heart of Texas for over four decades and is considered the nation's largest Renaissance theme park. There are performances over many scenes throughout the festival area, and it's fun for the whole family. In addition, you can even rent a suit to get things started!

3. Pecan Festival in Austin, TX – Austin is known for live music, and right up there is the fame of Sixth Street and its many offerings of live music. One thing many do not realize is that downtown Austin was not on an artistic basis in the 1970s. The festival was put together to serve as a revitalizing area and was named after Sixth Street's original name, Pecan Street.

4. Blue Bell Aquatic Center in Brenham, TX – What better way to make the ultimate fun time then to take two individually amazing things like a fun water park and Blue Bell Ice Cream and put them together? The park boasts a pool complex with competition pool, as well as therapeutic pools and recreational pool areas. They also offer swim lessons and are swim meets with local schools. There is little urban feeling with the big city.

5. Blue Bell Creameries – It would be unfortunate to mention the Blue Bell Aquatic Center without mentioning its namesake Blue Bell Ice Cream. The company's headquarters are located in Brenham, TX and it is definitely worth a visit. Not only can you enjoy some of the best ice creams in the country in their own garden, you can enjoy the little Texas town elegance from Brenham.

Texas is big state and has a lot to offer its many visitors. Part of the fun, however, is knowing that many tourist attractions in Texas such as those mentioned above are also a great seasonal departure from their lifelong residents.

Things to do in Texas when it rains

Finding things to do in Texas is not a difficult task. If ever there was a state that specializes in tremendous things to do throughout the year, Lone Star State is at the top of the list.

This certainly makes sense when you consider the diversity of their larger, more large cities, as well as the smaller, more charming cities. However, you must take into account what problems may arise when it starts to rain.

Sure, Texas has a lot to offer, but when you consider that the most important events happening in the state are outdoor concerts, rodeos and trade shows, but when the rain comes, you have to go indoors. What do you do? Does Texas have something to offer for people who want to beat the rain but who still hope to take in something that is quintessentially Texas?

Of course, Texas has a lot to offer. You may need to get a little creative and travel a bit, but indoors Texas has significant offerings in the art world (both visual and performance), as well as music and entertainment.

Let's say you're great at artistic crafts. Well, then you must visit the Bluebonnet Pottery & Gift Gallery in Somerville, TX. Not only do you have the opportunity to see handmade ceramics being made, you can also take a class. Although it is not your thing to dirty your hands, you can still show your appreciation for the artistic work done and check out all the handmade pottery for sale. It's a great way to avoid rain, but also a great way to see first-hand (functional, on it) contributions to the art world from small towns all over Texas.

You can't beat the Round Top Antiques Show in Round Top, TX. The show started fifty years ago with a relatively small number of participants, but it had great recognition. Now the area hosts an antique event twice a year which is nationally ranked in terms of size and attendance. The events are referred to by people known as "Round Top" and even include smaller shows in the surrounding areas near Round Top, TX, and in many cases, these performances serve as a preview of the larger show. The show also attracts suppliers from as far as Canada, Mexico and Europe. Show organizers are quick to notice that venues can change from year to year, so it is important to check back with the event's website. If you are trying to avoid rain and fancy some unique antique pieces, this is the place to be.

If you are a music buff but want to avoid the rain and absolutely want to avoid the commercial feel of music venues and concerts, then it is worth checking Friends of Bluebonnet Opry in Brenham, TX. Bluebonnet Opry was formed in 1998 by Allison Crowson with a history of two decades. A monthly show was held every third Thursday at Brenham Fireman's Training Center. The shows were successful and really made for a good time, but uncertainty came when Mrs. Crowson had to withdraw from running the events because she became the assistant principal at Brenham High School. Ultimately, a few people came together to become & # 39; friends & # 39; to the riot, the show moved, and when they could benefit a local organization, they chose to take advantage of the local branch of Brenham Hospice. Musical acts from all over Texas and the rest of the US appear on their shows, and believing in their mission they are able to donate around $ 5,000 to & $ 6,000 to the Brenham Hospice branch.

Although we began to look for things to do in Texas to avoid rain, we really stumbled upon something more comprehensive than just a few places to give time. There is a beauty and appeal everywhere you see in Lone Star State and it is definitely worth a visit. See you soon.

The best places to watch the sunset in Texas

What could be more fascinating than watching the day turn into night while the sky turns orange, mimicking the golden sun and wishing you a good night? Well, everyone loves a sunset and as a traveler we are all looking for a dramatic end to our time. Texas, a state that boasts such places where you can enjoy the gorgeous sunsets, "Oh" or "wow" are the only two words you pronounce while watching a sunset. Book WestJet Airlines flights or Spirit Airlines flights that fly to various destinations throughout the state throughout the year.

Sunsets that stretch across the Texan sky are truly among the most amazing sunsets in the world. If you are looking for the best places to watch a Texan sunset or snap the perfect photo, add these places to your bucket list.

Mount Bonnell – Mount Bonnell, a major tourist attraction in Austin, is the perfect place to admire the Texas sunset. You can check out the magical colors of the sky as the sun sets. Stunning views of Lady Bird Lake and the mansions located on the water's edge give the sunset more beauty.

Gulf Coast (Rockport) – As the Texas sunset creates a reflection on the waters of the bay, you feel that you are in heaven. This place offers a nice view of the changing colors of the sky which creates a memorable moment that can be protected for life. Look for different flight deals and WestJet Airlines flight deals to make the trip to Texas perfect.

Big Bend National Park – Big Bend National Park is known for its diverse landscape which consists of rivers, mountains and a grassy area. It is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country. You can also hike up the mountain to experience the perfect view. When the sun goes down, it's a sight to behold.

Rockwall – Don't miss the opportunity to witness a beautiful sunset at Rockwall. Take a look at last minute flight deals and explore yet another place in Texas, where you can have a great view of the sunset against the water. Visitors can enjoy a scenic view of the sunset from the shore or go on a boat trip during the sunset.

El Paso – To experience a different nature, just visit El Pasos. Here you will experience some amazing color changes in the sky, at sunset. El Paso is the perfect place to experience a desert sunset. You can walk or drive through the outskirts; or go to the top of the mountains for the best view.

5 places to visit in Texas if you're crazy for scenery

If you look at places to visit in Texas for the views and the scenery, you're in luck. Texas boasts everything from canyons to deserts to oceans, hills to forests. In short, Texas has it all. With flowers blooming in the spring and the leaves turning in the winter, there really is no wrong time to take a vacation. Fortunately, there are more places than listed that are worth your time. But if you had to limit it, you would certainly have given the following five places:

1. Enchanted rock

Located deep in the Hill Country, Enchanted Rock has become a top destination for tourists and Native Texans alike and for good reason. With a Fredericksburg address, this state park is a popular spot for mountaineers. This pink granite mountain formation, which is about 425 feet high, offers the perfect opportunity to stare and walk. It is an easy walk for most everyone and has a beautiful view at the top. Just beware: this state park has gained popularity in recent years, and there is almost always a wait at the entrance, especially in the summer and Spring Break.

2. Palo Duro Canyon

Located near Amarillo in the Panhandle, there is a reason why the second largest canyon in the United States was one of Georgia O. & # 39; Keefe's favorite choices for a painting. She even wrote at once that "[the canyon] is a burning, sewn pot filled with dramatic light and color." The beauty of the canyons also inspired a symphony. They serve as the backdrop for the famous outdoor musical, "Texas" every summer, which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Definitely add this to the list of places you can visit in Texas if you haven't already.

3. Brenham

When you hear "Brenham", you're probably thinking ice cream. And it's true: Brenham is the headquarters of the world-famous Bluebell plant. And this charming city, located right between Austin and Houston, offers true Texas fun as well as stunning scenery. Nature is full of flowers, including the famous Texas bluebonnet. In fact, Brenham is known as the heart of the Bluebonnet country and is located on the Bluebonnet trail. This is also a popular spot for some brilliant winemakers, and is known as a prime stop on the Texas wine hose. There are also beautiful golf courses, dairy farms and the historic Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park, which is, after all, the birthplace of Texas.

4. Balcones Canyonland

Many people do not think of Balcones when they think of places to visit in Texas. But they should. This national wildlife refuge is high up in the hills of the Hill Country. With multiple bird watching opportunities and miles of hiking trails, this is a quiet, beautiful retreat from the bustling metropolitan areas.

5. Davy Crockett National Forest

If you travel along Highway 69, you will not be able to miss the beautiful and scenic Davy Crockett National Forest. Known for its beautiful pine trees, this place houses over 160,000 wooded acres, including a couple of camp patches. With a beautiful lake and the Neches River that serves as a border, this forest gives visitors the opportunity to hike and swim for days.

Discovery Map captures Texas Hill Country in artfully integrated design

The East Hill Country Discovery Map gives overwhelming praise as the demand for these memory cards continues to grow only days after the long-awaited release of the new 2nd edition. Visitors are ecstatic that a map can artificially display all of the large communities of East Texas Hill Country in such an integrated, easy-to-read format.

"This East Hill Country souvenir map is great," exclaimed Kirby Fitzgerald, a visitor from League City, Texas. "The La Quinta Inn provided me with a copy of this map and I was able to find things much easier than reading a regular map. All the interesting places were right in front of me, easy to spot. Life saves. I love that! "

This illustrative, interpretive map depicts this majestic, year-round tourist destination with rich, real-life colors, structured with subtle color schemes that convey the unique beauty of the rolling, cedar-filled hills, rich cypress trees, tranquil river banks, and spacious parks. Unlike any other map, the Discovery Map shows the large communities of New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Gruene, San Marcos and Wimberley – from left to right on the map, in a sweeping illustration. Tourists enjoy the benefit of seeing how these communities connect.

"The map makes it so much easier for tourists to enjoy the trip by providing a fun, easy-to-use guide to the community," said Michelle Deere, owner of Texas Tourist Guides, Inc., the local Texas Hill Country Discovery Map business. "One of the nicest compliments I get with the map is how nice it is to see how you come from the different Hill Country communities, all on one map."

Even more tourists are experiencing Discovery Map's trademark fun and functionality this year as more than 125,000 maps are circulating in the East Hill Country. This version of the map includes the latest changes in these communities, along with the added fun of a "Discovery Map Bobcat Game" that gives readers a chance to win a big win for a two-night stay in Wimberley if they identify grid sites of 10 bobcats strew through the map.

These unique, 22-inch and 34-inch discovery maps are free to visitors and available at many businesses that cater to tourists, including visitor centers, chambers of commerce, recreation sites, outlets, restaurants, hotels and B & Bs. Companies feel that Deere & # 39; s Discovery Map is a powerful marketing tool that regularly drives customers to their front doors and helps them make money on the $ 50 billion Texas tourism economy.

"It's a fantastic tool for us to help visitors, and it's beautifully done," said Barbara Moran, manager of the Texas Travel Information Center at the Capitol. "I can't tell you how many visitors traveling between San Antonio and Austin have taken the map with intentions of exploring the area. Everyone is very excited about the map."

Discovery Map, the country's leading map and guide publishing company, delivers a complete suite of travel products including hand-illustrated, custom-designed maps and engaging, informative hotel guest directories. Discovery Map also offers the added value of an interactive WebMap, an Internet version of the printed map at WebMap allows visitors to explore the area thoroughly before arriving in the city. Deere & # 39; s artfully designed map entices visitors to go online and explore Texas Hill Country and get even more out of their upcoming visits.

Fun limousine ride in Texas

Looking for some fun things to do in Texas, but not sure if you want to find all the places you want to go? Well, forget to drive there yourself, order a limousine and have the driver do all the driving work for you and your friends.

One of the best choices you will make when planning your trip to Texas would be to charter a limousine and travel around the places you choose in Texas with limo style. With a limousine that you have ordered, you do not have to worry about the designated driver among your friends, getting lost and showing up in some strange area, looking for a parking space so you do not have to go anywhere of visits and so on. Anything and everything related to driving and traveling is taken care of by the limo driver.

Once you get into the limousine, ask the limousine driver to take you and your friends to Orange Super Gator Tours to enjoy a cruise through the beautiful, quiet southern swamps. This unique environment is home to alligators, nutria, turtles, raccoons, egrets and many other waterfowl. A trip in the airboat will take you gently over the soft water to give you some practical lessons in the natural sciences.

Let the limousine driver take you and your friends for lunch at Beaumont, and also for some museum shopping. Some of the major selections of museums to visit are the Southeast Texas Museum of Art, which displays works by Texas artists, the Babe Didrikson Zaharias Museum, which immortalizes the world's largest female athlete. If you and your limousine friends decide to visit only one museum, get the limousine driver to take you to the Spindleton / Gladys City Boomtown Museum and see for yourself how they have restored Gladys City, the world's first oil boom, to come in handy spoken overnight in January 1901, after the Spindletop oil well blew in.

Once you have historical facts, you and your limousine friends can choose to relax at Port Arthur and try some of the local cuisine at one of the pubs or restaurants on Pleasure Island, which happens to be a recreation area that was once said to be a favorite hiding place for pirates . Finally, when the day is over, you and your friends can now travel home in the limousine you booked for this wonderful trip.

The Guy & # 39; s Guide To Booking A Bed And Breakfast In Texas

When it comes to booking a bed and breakfast in Texas, there are a huge number of choices available. But with that many choices comes "alternative paralysis." It is easy to be overcome with too many possible ways to book a great trip. The guys understand that a "B&B getaway" is meant to be romantic and fun, but if it's too complicated, problems with the size of the Lone Star State can occur.

Do not be afraid. Here's a basic guide for anyone trying to put together a great B&B tour for him and his special someone:

1. Book in a timely manner – Although bed and breakfast destinations are available almost year-round, you may find it more difficult to book a stay if there is an important calendar entry. Holiday weekends and seasonal holidays can fill vacancies quickly. If the B&B you are interested in also has a local event calendar, you can check if there are major events during the suggested time you want to book a room. Washington County, Texas, for example, is home to stunning vineyards and beautiful faces with flower-laden landscapes. Sometimes the smallest cities can have the biggest draws due to an event.

2. Don't book too much – You will definitely have some peace and quiet for you and your girlfriend, but you will also have a connection to civilization. The bed and breakfast is nice because they can offer a little seclusion, but if you want to go out to check out the nearest town or take a day trip to the nearest metropolis, you plan to be close enough to not spend all your time on a trip. Brenham, Texas, the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream, happens to be in a prime location near the halfway point of Austin and Houston.

3. Pack for Romance – You know your significant other really well, and as such, you plan a great trip. Up ahead by planning part of your trip to include an activity that your partner thinks is particularly romantic. Maybe doing dance in a historic dance hall does the trick. It might be the way to your love heart to hike a beautiful sunset sunset. The key is to be open to doing something that makes them smile from ear to ear.

4. Make memories and take pictures – Too often trips have a picture to be taken by a person. For their part, they are usually missing from most pictures. Invest in a "selfie stick" and stay right next to your boyfriend. Try to make so many moments memorable. Take a funny picture of the two of you sharing a snack in the blue bonnet splendor of Texas Hill Country. When you get home, you can even enjoy the couch and relive the amazing walk you had as you look through your snapshots.

Guys, it can be easy to let the planning of a trip to a nice B&B become a nuisance, but if you start the tour with a bad attitude, the end of the trip can be even worse. By taking the time to follow the steps above and by remembering the love of your life, you can make it a trip to remember.