More about Paige Texas

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Bastrop County almost to the Lee County line is the sleepy little "burb" of Paige. The height is approx. 535 & # 39 ;, has been moderate year-round. The school system is Bastrop ISD and depending on where you live the children can attend Lost Pines Elementary, Bastrop Middle School or Bastrop High School. Paige proper is not much larger than a total of 18 blocks, and as is typical of small towns in Texas, there are still some beautiful old vintage / historic homes and buildings that are still standing or still in use. The area around Paige is a mix of rural residential property and farm and ranch land. Horse enthusiasts crave the sand flow found in parts of Paige, such as the Old Potato Road, or Old Pin Oak, or Antiock and Cardinal Roads.

Paige was created in 1872 along the Houston and Texas Central Railways. The old abandoned railway line is still there along side sections of Old Highway 20 and will form a great part of "Rails for Trails" since it is not in use at all. Paige was named after one of the civil engineers who worked on the railway. There was a railway station in Paige until 1876 and then it was moved to its present location about 3 miles to the east. It is a volunteer fire department created in 1982 with the Paige Community Center, and Paige has had a post office in the city since 1874. In those days, the majority of the population was of German cultural heritage, and so was much of the central Texas area. The population of Paige has fluctuated over the years. At the end of the 1880s, the city was said to have had a population of 500. At that time, Paige Railway Station was a shipping point for livestock such as cattle and pigs. Local industry included a jam cucumber, sour cream porridge and tassel factory. Today, some of the local businesses include The Old Frontier Store, located on Highway 290 and has a little bit of everything to offer, from groceries to a meat counter to a small deli / diner, and Yarnorama, a yarn and fiber store.

Paige is approx. 40 miles off Austin on Highway 290. Bastrop is 23 miles away on Highway 21, and has just about anything anyone could want or need with coffee shops, two feed stores, box stores like Home Depot and Lowes on the way, great restaurants, a movie house and bowling alley. About halfway to Bastrop from Paige on Highway 21 is Lake Bastrop, which offers campgrounds, swimming beaches, boat rentals and boat launches on both the north and south coasts. If you decide to head to Smithville, the town where the movie Hope Floats was filmed is just under 13 miles on FM 2104. Just before you reach Smithville on the west side of the road, you'll find Buecher State Park and Lake. If it's the coast you long for, you can get to the Gulf in just under two hours from Paige. Circle D, Pioneer Pines Farms, Pine Valley and Pine Tree Cattle Ranch are just a few of the subdivisions of the Paige area that offer rural homes in & # 39; lost pine & # 39; in Bastrop County. The Paige area is also full of wonderful ranches and leisure properties (good for hunting) and periodically they come to market.

Family tent camping shop: Tent camping in the great state of Texas

My favorite family tent camping in Texas, is the Big Thicket National Preserve. This is not recommended for the easy going, as this will be considered a primitive camping experience. The park is divided into different units and certain units in the Preserve Don't Allow Camping. A list of available camping units can be obtained from the Big Thicket National Preserve Visitor Center, which is open every day with the exception of national holidays.

Prior to camping, a Backcountry Camping permit is required and can be purchased from the same downtown, located eight miles north of Kountze, Texas on FM 420. There are regulations for camping in this preserve, which must be strictly adhered to. They can be obtained when applying for a backcountry permit.

As I said before, this is considered primitive camping and you cannot expect any of the usual amenities you will find at other campsites. A camp shovel is one of the necessities required for this family expedition. Open fire is allowed in areas open for camping, but the rules of open fire, which were submitted in a previous article, must be strictly followed.

It must also be remembered that no garbage or garbage can be left in the camp and must be unpacked.

Then let's go to one of my other favorite campsites. As you may know I'm from Louisiana, I love my seafood. So we check out the Gulf Coast at Galveston Island State Park. I love the sea, the sun, the seafood and the sand, so this is one of my favorites.

Love this park, as it has 36 locations facing the Gulf Beach which is suitable for tents and or motorhomes. Each area has amenities such as water, electricity, fire rings and a table. There are even toilets and showers available in assigned areas. This is an ideal family camping expedition for beginners or families who just want to get a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the family home. There are also 10 tent sites on the Bay Side. They have water, tables and baking rings, but no electricity.

Fishing is ideal in the area and can be enjoyed by the whole family (Temporary fishing licenses can be purchased locally or online). I love this campsite because I can go out and catch a mess of fish and take them to the campsite, cook and feed the family.

There are two ways for me to get to Galveston State Park. My favorite is to travel on Hwy 82 after leaving home and following the Louisiana coast. I like this route, even with the ferry crossings, because you get to see the fauna and wildlife in southwest Louisiana. I can stay on the same freeway all the way to Winnie, TX. From there I head south to Galveston. After passing Winnie, TX and traveling about 25 miles, you will follow the Gulf Coast Line in Texas all the way to the Galveston Island Ferry.

The other way is to head west on Interstate 10 to Interstate 45 and head for Galveston. Needless to say, I prefer to see nature rather than struggle with cars on a congested highway.

That's all I can cover in this article. I will write the next one on camping in West Texas, South Texas and North Texas.

Hotels for sale Texas – Hotels for sale Texas review and investment help

Texas is a beautiful state of the United States and is divided between seven groups. The Texas travel and tourism industry is thriving and there are many adventure and sports activities in the state. The state is also one of the beautiful destinations and therefore requires many more hotels in the state of Texas in the coming decades. It is one of the states that is developing so rapidly in all fields, including sports, agriculture, industry and tourism, that it will require new hotels to accommodate people visiting the state in the coming years.

If you are looking for an investment in hotel business, you will find many hotels for sale in the state of Texas. These hotels can either be offered after newly built or have been operated for quite some time. There are a number of cities in Texas where you can find the hotels for sale either through a website or through a regular real estate agent. People prefer some of the places, especially in the Gulf Coast regions of Texas. The Gulf Coast region of Texas is most suitable for tourists.

Hotels for sale especially in different cities in Texas are available for purchase at optimal prices. The hotel located in smaller towns is admittedly very cost effective, but for the profitability of these hotels can be a concern while deciding on a particular hotel in the locality. Some of the hotels for sale in smaller cities are profitable, but the cost of purchasing these hotels is greater. Hotels in some of the major tourist spots may be important for investment point of view as future sales of the property may yield better returns. It is therefore necessary to finalize a place before negotiating with the owner through real estate or real estate agent.

It is better to see the documents confirming the title of these hotels for sale in the state of Texas, offered by real estate agents or real estate agents. You should inquire about the complete profile of hotels for sale, such as the number of customers over one or two years, sales and profit and loss accounts for the hotels for sale, and the expenses incurred during the current fiscal year or previous fiscal year. Once you have received sufficient information and are convinced, you can start discussions with the owner for a possible negotiation of the price of the properties. Negotiations should be aimed at reducing the cost of the hotels offered for sale and retaining the maximum hotel accessories or gaining ownership of the hotel as it is there.

Cheap Flights to Dallas – What You Need to Know About Dallas Airports and Travel Options

If you are planning a visit to the Lone Star State, whether at work or on vacation, you may want to start planning by looking at cheap flights to Dallas. There is a lot to experience in this city, from memorable steak dinners to interesting art districts. Flying is just part of any adventure, so one of the first things to decide is whether to book the flight ticket by yourself or in addition to a hotel and / or rental car. You must choose to search for all three at the same time and combine prices when working with certain travel sites. Sometimes you can get a discount if you order everything at once.

When you are flexible with travel dates, you have several opportunities to save big. For example, cheap flights to Dallas are usually available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Return flights tend to be lower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays. If you fly from another country, international flights are often cheaper when you travel Monday to Thursday. Of course, nothing is set in stone, and there are always holidays and special events to consider.

Since Dallas is a central city for business, both at the national and state levels, flights are packed with business travelers throughout the year. Even if you plan to fly there as a tourist in low season, there will still be many business pilots on the plane. This means that prices do not often vary that much. You can still find great deals – especially if you travel in May, which is Texas's rainiest month, or in the summer when everything is downright steamy.

Other airport choices for cheap flights to Dallas

There is no rule that says you must fly straight into DAL or DFW. There are other airports in the area such as Waco Regional Airport and Pounds Regional Airport. Fly on business? Look for deals on Dallas Executive Airport flights. It is located just six miles SW of downtown Dallas. One of these airports may be ideal if you do not mind renting a car and driving to your hotel. It is wise to keep all the options on the table when looking for cheap airfare.

The Dallas / FW Metroplex is actually home to two of the largest airlines: Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. This makes it easy to find flights to the city just about anywhere in the world. However, limit your search with these two airlines. There are smaller airlines that sometimes offer cheap flights to Dallas as well. Also look at both one-way tickets and return tickets, as both options may be cheaper depending on when you want to fly and where you fly from.

You can find all the information you need about cheap flights to Dallas, hotel reservations and car rental options online. Promotional codes, discounts and special offers are available all the time. Finding deals and booking travel has never been easier.

Understanding the Six Flags of Texas Park

It looks like Six Flags Over Texas Park gives the meaning of the phrase "everything in Texas is big." The Texas-based park covers 212 acres that has carried the Six Flags code for the longest time, having existed since 1961.

The first thing you need to understand is that Six Flags Over Texas coupons can only be found online. Here, adults pay the same price as for children. The main reason for this is because the park saves a lot more money selling tickets online than selling them offline. Selling the tickets offline will require the company to hire many people to handle this process. The effect of this will be increased costs due to, among other things, wages. Since they save a little money on selling the products online, they have given you a chance to buy the tickets at much lower prices.

If you have the chance to buy these tickets, I would recommend you to look at two very good options ahead of you:

play Pass

The Play Pass is a year-round ticket to Six Flags Over Texas Park. This means that you will be allowed to visit the park as many times as the park will be open during the season. In addition to this, you are also allowed to visit all other parks under the Six Flags banner at no extra cost. To get this pass, you will be asked to split $ 59.99.

season Pass

The season pass has had some similarities to the game pass. You will be allowed to visit the passport at any time during the season, and you will also be allowed to visit other parks under the Six Flags banner. However, another feature that comes with this coupon is the fact that you will be able to get a couple of free tickets for your friends and family. Aside from that, you will also get a voucher that will save you about $ 300 in savings. In addition to this, you will also be able to purchase items at the Six Flag Over Texas malls at a discount. For this you have to pay $ 69.99

All in all, I'm sure you'll choose to go with the Seasons Coupon. This is because not only will you be able to get tickets to your friends, but you will also be able to make huge savings on shopping that would otherwise cost you a lot.

Cycling along the North Texas Crazy Eight

The North Texas Crazy Eight Trail is the perfect trail for any cyclist looking for an adventurous ride. With a 71 mile long way to go, you can be sure to stop at all the attractions on the road. There are towns and nicely decorated homes on pretty much flat land throughout the trip. Rows of farmland rows give you a sense of relaxation as you ride your bike.

The first stop on your list would be the airport. There are some large aircraft used in flight, and if you are interested in aviation then this may be one of the best stops on the list. Blue Ridge Town is one of the best cities to look at when you come across it. This is because it is the home of Lavon Lake. The lake is beautiful in summer and gives you a great resting place. You have the opportunity to take a detour to North Texas Sweeper Heaven where there are more lush agricultural lands and right paths to follow. If you choose to stay on the Crazy Eight Route, you will come across many scenic views in all the seasons you choose to ride.

You will find yourself walking on paved and dirt roads during the twists and turns, so be careful with the narrower parts of the road. Since there are many sweepers, and lots of leaves over you, be sure to stay focused on the road since this is one of the harder routes to take while on a bike. There are many gas stations you can stop to take a cold one and relax to enjoy the weather and nature. Be sure to grab some gas while you're there too, and maybe a bite to eat because it's almost twenty miles before the next available stop.

Be sure to stop by Westminster to visit the motorcycle outpost where you will meet more cyclists and share your experiences over burgers, french fries and even pizza. If you like barbecue, be sure to stop by the little white and red trailer on the way out. They make some of the best barbecue parties around, and you can be happy on the way home. Fortunately in Texas, the weather is always perfect for motorcycles. Routes can be run through most months of the year, as the weather stays relatively mild even during the winter months. All you have to worry about is the burning August sun, which provides rising humidity and temperatures above 100 degrees. This area is also home to many historical markers, be sure to visit the many historical facilities that are on the way back through the city, and into the Crazy Eight Route

Fun Things To Do In Austin, Texas, With Your Foodie Friends

Austin and the surrounding area are full of places to explore. From hiking the many Green Belt trails to enjoying delicious food and drink in various scenic locations, you can find many ideas to keep you and your friends busy. If you and your friend are food, the picture just gets brighter. Here is a list of fun things to do in Austin, Texas with your mates.

  1. Start and end the day with miserable.
  • Austin is known for many things, including breakfast tacos. A great way to start your day is to check out some of the many delicious food trucks that are all over the city. The Vera Cruz taco truck has been rated some of the best breakfast taco in the entire city!

  • Even when you are not on a food truck, there are many delicious restaurants that serve tacos to eat. Torchy's is a taco-based restaurant that has expanded throughout the city and beyond. Known for a more gourmet and creative taco on the typical street taco, these restaurants continue to grow in popularity, and as a result, many customers begin and end the day with taco.

  1. Texas Wineries
  • In the immediate area, there are many Texas wineries who make delicious wines and provide tours, scenic tastings and plenty of wine tasting. You can spend all your time bouncing around from vineyard to vineyard. Austin Winery and Austin Custom Winery are a few places to check out.

  • If you want to stay centrally in the city, there are many wine tasting places that are happy to serve wines from the surrounding area. The Texas Reds and Whites Tasting Room offers a central place to sample all the wines you want, and the Austin Wine Merchant can count on importing or finding the elusive wines you seek.

  1. Local ingredients produced in Texas

There are many companies that produce high quality products that are used throughout the country. The Texas Hill Country Olive Company creates delicious aged balsamic vinegar, olive oils, and even has a gift shop full of great gift ideas, including starter kits with samples of their fine products. Located in the Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin, the tour is worth the scenic beauty, and the products provide perfect household gifts.

Check out these places the next time you and your friends, family or visitors want to have a food adventure in and around Austin.

5 cool things to do, see and explore while at Frio River Camping

When it comes to Frio River camping, you've taken a step toward adventure and building a relationship with a new Texas travel border. However, even with the harsh environment, the modern motorhome can decide to do something other than the traditional camping activities. The question becomes — what else is spending time along the Frio River on the table for the curious traveler.

Perhaps a better way to think of other "to-dos" apart from camping is to consider what it is that you, and those with you, are trying to derive from your rustic getaway. By understanding what you want from your trip Frio, you can gain a better understanding of what it is that will put a smile on your face.

Still, there are just a few things that all the minds of the world just can't beat for pure, Texas Hill Country adventures. Here are five things you can add to your itinerary while spending time camping along the Frio River:

1. Frio Bat Flight Tour – If you are looking for a way out of the ordinary, look no further than taking the Frio Bat Flight Tour. Anywhere from ten to twelve million Mexican Mexican freefall bats hit the sky at about sunset. While checking out millions of bats doesn't seem so interesting, you have to think a little on the edge. You get the chance to look at a natural phenomenon that is rarely experienced by anyone. You look at the wonder and beauty of nature unfold before your eyes.

2. The Annual Nature Quest near Utopia, Texas – This annual event has been a big draw for local, national and international visitors to Texas for nearly the last twenty years. Participants will have the chance to learn about birds, butterflies, bats, native plants and endangered species. If you are getting close to nature, you might as well have a leg up to know about nature.

3. Garner State Park – When it comes to Texas history, Garner State Park is simply full of Lone Star significance. While it has its place in the history of the Lone Star State, this Concan, Texas jewel has become the place to camp overnight and enjoy all that Texas Hill Country has to offer. Garner State Park is more than just a campsite as a camping destination and is truly a unique backdrop for any Frio River camping trip.

4. Star Rentals in Concan, Texas – Now this particular place may not have the meaning of these other historic and special interest adventures, but it's important to know that Star Rentals offers kayaks and tubes to rent for your river needs. Think about how much less you need to bring with you when camping along Frio. In addition, Star Rentals is family owned, has been operating for many years, and is just minutes from Garner State Park.

5. Christmas on the Square in Leakey, Texas – Let's be honest — you probably won't spend time camping around the holidays, but in case you are, you will be rewarded with the little town charm that has won Leakey applause for years. Enjoy arts and crafts, and of course be ready for a visit from the happy old soul from the North Pole.

Frio River camping can certainly offer the usual camp prices, but if you are willing to try new things and seek a bigger bang for your travel buck, finding things to do, see and explore is just as easy.

Mexican Border Cities – Cross the Texas Rio Grande River to them and back easily and safely


Purpose. Decide on a reason to go there, something more than just rummaging and gawking, like, shopping and dining. US currency is accepted there.

Passport. Take it. You need it to prove your citizenship for re-entry into the United States. If for some reason you forget or lose your passport, do not try to enter the states illegally. Instead, ask for a US office or consulate to validate your citizenship.

Which city? (Those recommended by US authorities). For example, the winter Texans who live in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) will visit Mexico City Nuevo Progreso. It's located just across the bridge 7 miles south of Freeway-83 at Weslaco, TX, on International Blvd. Because no apparent illegal drug cartels are in conflict there, this city is still recommended for crossover visits.

When? These visits can be done during the day, both over and back, depending on the city and normal conditions.

Walk or drive over? Most winter Texans will park the vehicle on the Texas side of the Progreso Bridge (fee $ 2) and will then head to the northern part of the city (fee $ 0.25 above and $ 0.025-0.30 back via coin -drop turnstiles).

People will run over when buying items that are too heavy to carry back across the bridge, or if they are disabled or unable to walk the hawker-strung awnings covered walkways there. Some drive over because they want to go directly to a particular restaurant or shop that has conveniently guarded parking.

What's the matter?? After crossing the Progreso Bridge, most visitors will stay on the north-south main street, Benito Juarez. Most bakeries, restaurants, jewelers, shops, barbecues and shops are located in the first five police patrol blocks on this street. Shops of all kinds, department stores, cafes, bakeries, hotels, hairdressers and beauty shops, pharmacies, dentists, jaw orthopedics, doctors, artists, craftsmen and craftsmen are on both sides of this five-blocker section.


Running across. If you decide to drive into a Mexican border town, remember that you need extra car insurance to be covered there. It is also a good idea to park in guarded lots at the newer hotels or large restaurants there. You can either patronize or pay their parking fee.

Also, city traffic is quite slow and random. People are grinding everywhere, and local drivers often have their own way of crossing or cutting traffic. Many of the local vehicles also have dents and scratches or are muddy. In addition, American owned cars can disappear there.

Furthermore, thousands of vehicles cross these border bridges every day, causing delays and impatient drivers. Some days it may take two to four hours to return to the United States, which burns gasoline. Also, many Mexicans cross to Texas and back every day. They work in the United States.

Fee. Ordinary purchases made in these cities can be brought into the states straight out. However, some are illegal or require taxation: for example, cigarettes, tobacco, spirits, diet pills, certain fruits and plants, etc. Find out what things are okay to bring before you buy them.

The tax is mostly for tobacco and spirits. In any case, when you return to the United States, you must declare everything you purchased there (gifts, clothing, household goods, recipes, etc.). Being trapped by hidden smuggling will cause grief and long delays when you return home. It is better to confiscate the purchase than to be caught concealing it.

Cash / Damage. Carefully bring cash, valuables and mobile phone. Also, avoid hurting yourself. If you have to reset a bone or get stitches there, you have to pay for the treatment.

Tigers / hawkers. You will probably meet beggars and hawkers of all ages selling small goods or services on the streets themselves, but not in the shops there. But because there is no welfare in Mexico, it is recommended that you do not disperse them with sympathy unless they give you something you want. Many of them need to learn a real trade rather than a charity. Still, this thought can't be voted on for the little old ladies sitting on the sidewalks holding out their donation cups.

Summary. Because many of these cities are busy and crowded, it is good to visit them with another person or group, rather than taking the trip alone. You are not easily exploited in this way. To learn more about Mexican border towns, see these sites.

Seven Secrets to Finding Good Hotels in Brenham

If you happen to be traveling in the state of Texas and you happen to be on I-35, I-45 or I-10, you probably have found yourself wondering where it is that you can stop for the night while traveling. Lucky for you, there's a town hidden in the triangle made by these particular thoroughfares (perhaps the busiest in the Lone Star State) called Brenham, Texas. And if you stay at one of the hotels in Brenham, you will do yourself a favor.

Brenham is truly the heart of Washington County, an area of ​​Texas that is perhaps the most important part of the state's history. Brenham is small (an area of ​​about nine square miles) but has doubled in population over the last five decades. Given that it's the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream, and a great hub for those traveling between Austin & Houston, Brenham is perhaps best thought of as a nice reminder of Texas small town life with metropolitan glitz just a short drive away.

Brenham happens to be home to some of the most impressive arts and entertainment available in Texas, bringing emerging artists to the public as well as an out of the box way for nationally renowned artists to display their works. It is a growing performing arts that caters to all ages as well, so there is always a show or concert to check out. For outdoor enthusiasts there are golf, horse riding and bike trails. Brenham also has a huge proximity to award-winning Texas wineries and is seen as the epicenter of the bluebonnet region of downtown Texas.

With so much to offer, there is no doubt that you are trying to book a tour as soon as possible. The question remains – where do you live?

Don't sweat it. If Brenham is the next place to visit on your list, here are seven secrets to finding a great hotel for your stay:

Web Search – In this day and age, the first place to start is to look. Although Brenham is small, you will find many results.

Online reviews – Tourism is a big business, so all the city's accommodation options are looking to stand apart.

Vary your search – Because Brenham has a wide range of travelers passing by, hotels meet their many needs, including traveling with a pet.

Outside the box – Maybe you are actually visiting a larger city, but will not cope with big city traffic and noise. Searching for a hotel in Brenham that is close to you is just enough away is the way to go.

State Tourism Site – Checking the official Texas tourist website is a very easy way to find out what's available for lodging.

Bynett Location – In the same vein, go straight to the source. By searching the official city website of Brenham, you not only get insight into places you can stay, but it gives you a basic overview of the city's events.

Chamber & Visitor Board – Brenham also happens to have one of the easiest tourist-related sites. Insights into hotels, as well as everything the city and county can offer visitors, are just a click away.

Are you wondering if you want to find hotels in Brenham? That's the simple part. See you soon!