5 cool things to do in Garner State Park this winter

As the heat of a brutal Texas summer is blown away by the first Arctic fronts, vacation opportunities begin to change dramatically. As the seasons change, so do the weather and places to visit. However, one place remains as charming and beautiful as it always is. With an abundance of wildlife, natural beauty, and thankfully for inexperienced crowds, Garner State Park is the perfect location for winter vacations. Here are 5 cool things you can do there this winter.

1. Stay inside

Renting a cozy cabin in the winter isn't always about just having a place to sleep at night after a day's worth of experience. The cabin itself can be used to relax, unwind and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes during an exceptionally cold day, it's best to be in and relax with a fire and watch a good movie or read a nagging book. Garner State Park has single-family cabins and rentals for larger groups or families.

2. Hiking

Even in winter, Texas is still beautiful. The cooler temperatures are perfect for spending a day on trails to explore. In this state park there is an abundance of trails to explore and various wildlife to see in the winter. Those with more experience can choose hiking trails that offer more challenging and steep climbs. The Frio Canyon trail is 2.8 miles, and there are also shorter trails such as the Blinn River trail that follows the river and are only 5 miles.

3. Canoeing

Even in winter, the Frio River is available for fun canoeing. Colder temperatures lend themselves to some safety precautions, but during regular cool Texas winter days, the extra calm and season are perfect for canoeing. Pack a picnic lunch and start in the river at one of many places. Kayak and canoe rentals are available from many different vendors, or bring your own!

4. Relax

Winter time is the quieter time for renting a cabin and / or camping. There are smaller families and the park in general is less crowded. Enjoy some tranquility and relax outside the campfire. Grill, tell stories and make-up. As long as you plan for the weather, the cooler temperatures will be refreshing.

5. Camp outside

Unless a cold front rolls through or there is a great chance of slush, ice or snow, camping is an option all year round in the park. Plan in advance and be sure to bring electric blankets, wood to the fireplace and other necessities to keep you warm at night.

Even in winter, there are many things to do in this Texas state park. Bring your gear and a sense of adventure and escape.

What to Pack When Camping in the Bay Area Houston

There are two types of people in the world – those who go camping and those who have absolutely zero interest in going camping. If you happen to dig outdoors and all it has to offer, especially camping, Bay Area Houston (BAH) is one of the premier destinations for all nature-related things. There is only one question – what is Bay Area Houston?

Break out a map of Texas and focus on the area between Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast (Galveston area). The name of Bay Area Houston is not mentioned, but those who know it are very aware of its impact on outdoor life both near and far. Cities like Nassau Bay, Kemah and Seabrook make up BAH. With its proximity to the huge city of Houston, it is no surprise that BAH does not have the same tourism that Houston does, but that is what makes BAH such a killer destination. It is not the big city, which means that doing cool things like camping makes the experience really stand out.

Because Bay Area Houston is such a unique place, it's important to remember that certain things must be part of the package. Camping trips can be incredibly fun, but if you forgot something crucial, the trip will be the pits.

Here are a few things to consider while camping in the Bay Area Houston:

medications – Travel experts recommend that for any major trip you go on, it is crucial to be sure you have medicines you take regularly. It is a lot of fun to camp, and the family is sure to enjoy nature. However, if you, your spouse, or your children forget about medications, getting a prescription filled may not be an easy thing. Along with your medicines, be sure to have health insurance information available.

The little things – Camping means that you know you will come without any period. Perhaps the most important things we tend to take for granted are toiletries. We are too busy going through a mental checklist of the big things until we lose sight of the small items that make every trip bearable. Make sure you have a toothbrush and toothpaste with you, as well as deodorant and sunscreen. If you happen to need contact solution, it will be good to pack it early.

Dry options – Campers are a scary bunch who are not afraid to camp all year. This means that they will suffer from the devastating Texas heat, as well as cope with everything winter can throw out (Bay Area Houston may fall as low as freezing). Be sure to set up your phone to see weather forecasts from the area before traveling and contact your local visitor agency. You will definitely think of teams, with the weight of these teams varying depending on the year.

Alternative sources of power – Even when camping, it's hard to turn off the ordinary world where you are connected to your mobile device all day and night. This applies to both children and adults. That said, if you know your goal is to have power on your phone, tablet or other device, be sure to consider power options. Batteries, USB converter cables and power blocks are just a few options.

Enjoy outdoor family camping and hiking in Texas State Parks

The state of Texas is a great place with many options for great camping, hiking and outdoor adventures. Taking time to get your kids outdoors creates a lot of great memories for life, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides many opportunities through State Park Campgrounds where camping is definitely kid-friendly.

We were able to experience several camping trips in State Park when our kids were young, and we had some great experiences. We visited several parks on some of the best lakes, as well as some in the mountains of West Texas. We saw everything from hot, depressing hikes to giant walking sticks to unexpected blizzards. We were usually with a group, so there were always good meals around the fire, occasional injuries or accidents, high stories and lasting friendships. Some of our favorite parks were the Davis Mountains, Inks Lake and Garner State Parks.

The Davis Mountains State Park is located at the foot of the Davis Mountains (yes, there are mountains in Texas) and offers an abundance of campsites for tent or RV campers. Nearby Fort Davis attracts many types of tourists, including motorcycle enthusiasts, stargazers, history buffs and outdoor activities. The ancient fort is a national historical site that captures the history of the Indian wars of the late 19th century. You can also walk a few miles up the road and attend a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory. While waiting for the night sky, there are many hiking trails to experience with stunning views. There are so many outdoor experiences for kids, you have to come back several times to experience it all.

Inks Lake State Park is located in downtown Texas amid a chain of lakes along the Colorado River. The lake boasts some clear blue water, beautiful mountain springs and shady oak forests that provide a great setting for camping this weekend. There are several hiking and backpacking trails, and the lake provides a wonderful place to canoe, boat, water ski, kayak and swim. You can find some of the best sunsets, and many great memories can be made here. This is another campsite that requires more than one visit.

Garner State Park is located in South-Central Texas along the Frio River. When you drive north from the north you would think that you are heading to a desert campground, but not far south of Interstate 10 you are in a magical, mountainous wonderland with some of the best views in the state. The park provides an abundance of campsites, as well as some cottages for rent. The kids will enjoy Frio for swimming, swinging the rope or just lounging in a tube. There are also a few places for daring in the group to do rock diving. For kid-friendly camping and great family experiences, Garner State Park will not disappoint.

These are just a few highlights from the many state parks in Texas. The state park campgrounds are well maintained, family friendly and will provide some great experiences that your kids will remember for a lifetime.

Eco-friendly travel

According to research from the Green Hotel Association, a Texas organization that promotes ecological awareness in the hospitality industry, 43 million American travelers say they are concerned about the environment. As a result, the travel industry is making efforts to promote green initiatives. In today's travel environment, it is not difficult for consumers to be more environmentally friendly.

Car rental companies Hertz, Budget and Avis add more fuel efficient cars to their fleet, and many limousine companies use hybrid cars. Hertz promotes almost 35,000 in its Green Collection fleet. While 100% of Budget car hire in economy, compact and intermediate categories and 98% of standard and full size car classes have met strict US EPA guidelines and are SmartWay certified. Each vehicle receives an air pollution score and a greenhouse gas score on a scale of 1-10. For the SmartWay designation, a vehicle must have 6 or better on both scores and have a total score of at least 13. At Avis, about half of the fleet has a fuel efficiency rating of 28 miles per gallon or better (freeway). A quarter of the fleet is rated at 30 miles per gallon (freeway) or better.

The Fairmont hotel chain offers in-room information, recycling boxes, bed linen and towel replacements in select locations, energy-efficient lighting and water-saving shower heads, toilets and tap air conditioners. Their eco-kitchen menus feature local, seasonal and organically grown food where possible. Special menus for Eco-Meet may also include a 50 percent reduction in animal proteins, supplemented with vegetable proteins by meal functions. Select Fairmont hotels and resorts have their own herb garden or the opportunity to customize the kitchen to use spices locally grown with dishes using these ingredients. Emphasis is placed on healthy, environmentally friendly and delicious food.

Aloft Hotels, a member of the Starwood Hotel collection, opened its first location in Canada in 2008 and now has 38 locations around the world offering a unique hotel experience. Aloft is really about the self-sufficient traveler who has a lot of energy, a positive mood and absolutely technically smart design focused.

The experience at their location in Lexington, Massachusetts begins on arrival, with park-like landscape architecture providing the chance for a breath of fresh air. Premium parking spaces are allocated hybrid cars to reward the most environmentally friendly guests. Guest rooms feature natural materials such as cork and sustainable wood tiles that are integrated into the hotel's design. Their pools even use a cleaner, greener saline solution.

Australia's award-winning resort just 45 minutes north of Cairns and just south of Port Douglas, Thala Beach Lodge is located on the only private beach in the area. It provides the perfect place to explore the Great Barrier Reef, private coastal beaches and tropical rainforest, with individual private bungalows overlooking the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, World Heritage listed rainforest and lush tropical beaches.

At a time of great concern for fragile environments, Thala Beach Lodge prides itself on having achieved the highest environmental certification accreditation through its sustainable practices and environmental sensitivity.

Hotel Eco Paraiso is located on one of the most fascinating Mexican biological reserves, located on a 3-mile-long virgin beach. The hotel has bungalows overlooking the emerald green Gulf of Mexico.

Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico is a main feeding area for Pink Flamingo and countless species of waterfowl and terrestrial birds. A special biosphere reserve was adopted in 1989. By definition, this is a zone with one or more ecosystems that have not been changed by humans.

At the Buck Island Reef National Monument, the reef that surrounds was named America's first ever underwater national monument in 1961, which naturally has resulted in an ecosystem so thriving and well-preserved that 30,000 visitors a year flock to see it, making it the single most popular attraction on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

Eco-friendly vacations are numerous, and if you are willing to adjust your travel dates for your vacation, you are among the 61 percent of Americans who, in order to save money, are willing to travel during "off peak" periods where prices may be more favorable. This trend seems to exceed all age categories. Although the weather conditions may not be perfect, the savings money travelers can realize by traveling in low season represent a valuable sum.

Need a hotel tonight? Read this first

If you travel regularly, you will agree that traveling can be one of the most energetic endeavors in life. Unfortunately, it can also be filled with some serious pitfalls, and if you try to book a hotel tonight, you probably feel anything but energetic. You probably panic a bit because you don't quite know if you book a hotel that could happen soon. However, this is good news – it can actually work out.

The first step in trying to book a hotel tonight is to understand that things may not go the way you want them to go. Once that feeling has washed over you, it's time to start putting together an attack plan. After all, you are traveling, and every seasoned traveler knows that you must approach a trip with a blueprint of some sort.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Technical savviness is the name of the game – Take a break from the games on your phone and try to tap on a wealth of travel apps aimed at one thing – finding killer hotel deals at great prices. The amount of flexibility in these travel apps makes it possible to handle the entire booking process at your fingertips.

Don't be that guy – So you found out that you had to book a hotel room within hours. You've got the apps on your mobile device finding you a lot, and when it all seems to have settled, you're not 100% satisfied with the booking. You have a place to stay, but you are a sticker, so you call the hotel and decide that you want to throw the weight away as a consumer. Don't be "that guy". Given the time frame you are working on, be flexible with your booking needs and desires.

Still Matter hotels – Today, hotels are not the only players in the game. Rental homes, motels, highways and luxury apartments are all trying to get your business going. This means you have many choices, which is good for consumers. Going like the trendy accommodation option can be quite compelling, but keep in mind that you try to book a room within hours of knowing that you need one. Making things work for guests is what the hotels do best, so go with the pros.

So you hope that booking a hotel tonight will have what you need for a comfortable stay, all at a good price. You order with less than twenty-four hours' notice, which can usually be an impossible task. The good thing is that the travel industry has been at the forefront of embracing technology to help consumers get the most out of travel. Traveling at the last minute is never easy, and sometimes you have to understand that it may not work. Still, being a conscious traveler can make the difference between getting where you want to be or using sad emojis when you comment on all the fun you missed.

The trek of Mexico vacation is finally starting to hit

Over and over the last few months, major American publications such as the New York Times have issued warnings about the war that drug lords in Mexico have declared on civilians in the country. The war has reportedly lost 10,000 lives every single year for the past four years alone. But despite regular news about mass graves, public gunfire, gruesome decapitations and kidnappings, in one way or another, to American students during the spring break, the draw of cheap beer, perennial sun, sand and surfing has been a little too tempting to resist. It's a wonder parents have let their kids go – reading news every day as they do, that some metropolis in the country is witnessing dozens of murders each day. Apparently though, 40,000 lost lives are what it takes to get people to finally sit up and take notice. The idea of ​​a cheap Mexico vacation has finally begun to hit.

But despite this, the hit has been relatively modest. In a Wall Street Journal article, American Express Travel Agency reports that a 15% drop has been seen in tourists requesting to travel to Mexico. Mazatlán, a major seaside resort in Mexico, has seen only three major cruise lines drop the city completely from its itinerary. The Texas government has warned students to take their carousing to hot hot spots like Acapulco and Cancun – both serious troubled places for drug violence. Mexico's travel agency, on the other hand, calls all this anxiety from Americans rather ridiculous and misinformed. When a government warning says that students in Texas need to "avoid traveling to Mexico in Spring Break and stay alive," it may be understandable that the government of Mexico may be concerned about the tourism industry.

So is this even wanted? Maybe all the violence in Mexico gets Mexican civilians caught in the crossfire. Surely American tourists who hang out at the resorts and tourist areas that surround them should be safe? It was probably the 110 American tourists who died in Mexico last year. Admittedly, the government estimates that most of these "tourists" were actually drug traffickers or something. But even though a Mexico vacation tourist makes a living out of Mexico, street intersection and other petty non-drug-related crime can often be overwhelming. There are other warnings handed out to tourists as well that can take some of the fun out of a Mexico vacation – warnings that you should never drink any drink that doesn't open right in front of you, never leave after sunset and that You should preferably travel in groups.

Is it time to let go of the idea of ​​a Mexico vacation after all? Look at it this way – Starwood opens two new hotels in Mexico; and Hilton is opening six new hotels this year over there. Either their confidence that Mexico will overcome their problems is strong, or they are sure Americans do not care.

My grandfather, John Jones and Pullman Sleeping Car Porters

My grandfather, John Jones was born in Gonzales, Texas in September 1888. He grew up in this small town and attended the local grade school there. At the age of sixteen and after taking a young girl, Minnie Weathers for his wife, he moved to the then cattle empire in Fort Worth, Texas.

For over forty years, my grandfather's job was to be a member of a brave group of distinguished black gentlemen known as Pullman Sleeping Car Porters or just Pullman Porters. They were named after George Pullman of the Pullman Palace Train Car Company, the inventor of the Pullman Sleeping Car designed for luxurious long-haul.

Like Pullman Porter, my grandfather traveled from his home in Fort Worth on many different train routes across the United States for Texas and the Pacific Railroad during the heyday of train travel from 1922 to 1962 when he retired.

When I, his grandson born in Fort Worth, moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1977, he told me many stories about his train journeys to Kansas City. He told of arriving at the nation's second largest railway station, Union Station downtown (Grand New York station, as the first) and seeing all the billboards at a height directly opposite the station (where the Westin Crown Center Hotel now sits) and then staying at the Streets Hotel for Blacks located in what is now known as the 18th and Vine Historic Jazz District (a national district for historic sites in the United States).

My grandparents were happily married for 65 years. They raised seven children, all educated from the salary he received and the tips he earned from the many traveling passengers he served. My grandmother died in 1978 while my grandfather lived to be 99 years old and died on Thursday, June 9, 1988, just months before she turned 100.

Pullman Porters and their rich American history: George Pullman of the Pullman Palace Train Car Company was established in 1862, designed train cars and developed the Pullman luxury sleeper car used on trains for long and overnight travel. First introduced for the railroad in 1867, these train cars had carpets, curtains, upholstered chairs, libraries and card tables in addition to private bedrooms with beds and bathrooms for long train journeys.

Mr. Pullman had the idea of ​​hiring a group of very prominent, good-natured, well-dressed African-American men to serve as Pullman Porters to help train travelers with what they needed while on board. This proved to be a great job for the porters and was considered a very prestigious job at what Mr. Pullman called a "Hotel on wheels".

During the 1920s, Mr. Pullman had over 9,800 Pullman train cars, and he employed over 12,000 African American porters. He was the largest employer of blacks in the country at that time.

The daily work of a Pullman Porter was long and arduous, but offered good wages over time and also offered the porters a chance to see the country. During the first few years they worked 400 hours per month and received 35 cents per hour or about $ 810.00 per year plus the tips they would come up with. This was good money and enabled them to take good care of their families and send their children to college. Their prestigious jobs also helped define the Black Middle Class of the time.

Pullman Porters were basically servants and had to endure all manner of degrading behavior from white travelers. There were many times when they were not called by the names, but rather referred to as "George" by George Pullman or just "boy" whom they all hated.

Their daily work included gliding shoes, linens, room service, luggage assistance or just about anything the traveling passenger might want or need. The better the service, the better the tips, they will hopefully receive. Sometimes a quarter and sometimes even a rare dollar if they provided very good service. In addition, the Pullman Company's labor policy was harsh and allowed the porters to sleep only four hours each night, and they had to pay for the uniforms, timber harvest and food.

On August 25, 1925, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters was founded by a black businessman, A. Philip Randolph. It was the country's first all-black workers union and helped pave the way for better employment benefits for the porters.

On August 25, 1937, the Pullman Company signed a labor agreement with Pullman Porters, which became the first employment agreement ever between black workers and a large American company. The result of the agreement included benefits such as reducing working hours from 400 per month to 250 and raising wages from $ 67.50 per month to a minimum of $ 89.50 per month.

Pullman Porters were highly respected members of the local communities and were credited for contributing to the development of the black middle class in America much like black doctors, lawyers and teachers of that time.

In 1968, the Pullman Company ended the operation of their sleeping cars, and several railway companies took over the Pullman Car function. The porters were transferred to companies such as Union Pacific Railroad and later Amtrak.

In conclusion, if you ever have a chance to ride the Amtrak train today and you notice a nice black man who takes care of all your needs, tip him well and remember the proud story of Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and especially remember my grandfather, Pullman Porter John Jones "George" or "Boy".

Five Fun Things to Do in Nassau Bay TX with Toddlers

When you see families traveling with children, you know that they really try their best, and keep varying levels of chaos at all times. Traveling with children becomes even more difficult when dealing with toddlers, but if you are in Nassau Bay, TX, you are definitely lucky because of the huge amount of cool things there is to do.

Nassau Bay is one of the gems in a Texas area known as the Bay Area Houston. Think of the area between Houston and Galveston right near the Texas Gulf Coast. Other cities make up the rest of the Bay Area Houston, but Nassau Bay stands out just because of its history. The city was actually a planned community back in the 1960s when NASA developed its space program. Employees at the burgeoning program with their families called Nassau Bay home. This made the community small and charming by default. As the community was incorporated, changes in the population (beyond that of NASA staff) showed that this small Harris County port was quite a draw.

If you have toddlers in tow, an age sometimes referred to as "tree rodents", it can be difficult to find things that are fun, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Here's what Nassau Bay has to offer:

Lake Nassau Park – Toddlers can sometimes be a bit rambunctious, so keeping them close is important. If you fancy fishing, you have Lake Nassau or Clear Creek as good options, or a simple picnic with your family may be the best way to keep everyone close by, but still enjoy the scenery.

Street Eatz Party – This is a family-friendly affair with free admission. The event is about getting people together and celebrating community engagement. Live music, food trucks and even some beer and wine for the adults make this event very popular. The best part – it is held twice a year.

Space Center Houston – Toddlers are small, which means that when they look big, they really see something that blows their minds. A trip to Space Center Houston is not only great – it is out of this world. Not only do you have great educational opportunities for children of all ages, but there is plenty of room for little exploration.

Kemah Boardwalk – It's a little old-school, but how often can you share some of the fun in your own childhood? It's like having your favorite carnival attractions somewhere. Apart from rides, families have access to all kinds of games, restaurants and concerts.

Friday Fireworks – If your toddler is like other kids, big, bright explosions in the night sky are about as cool as anything ever! The fireworks are only available in the summer, which means you have limited options to check this out.

Finding fun things to do in Nassau Bay, TX, especially with toddlers, is actually very easy to do. The entire area is not only proud of its dedication to preserving the natural beauty of this part of Texas; it also prides itself on making everything as family-friendly as possible. After all, it's about quality time with the kiddos, so no matter what you do, you'll make some super cute memories!

It is easy to find a hotel tonight if you first read this

The beautiful nature of Hill Country Texas convinces many couples, families and even corporate charities to go out and visit the country. With so much to do and so much to explore, it's no wonder that day trips or short weekend breaks are popular in this part of Texas. It is not unusual to plan a quick trip – at the moment – and then decide to stay a little longer. It is useful to have an idea of ​​where you want to live. Need a hotel tonight? Read this.

Finding a place to live doesn't have to be a stressful ordeal. Many couples embark on a romantic day trip and have a blast exploring small towns and eating at mom and pop restaurants. After a little wine tasting or dessert drink, the motivation to pack up and go back home is greatly diminished. In these situations, it is important to know how to quickly find the accommodation you need.

  1. Search the web through the web or apps

Fortunately, there are many apps you can download for your phones or tablets that can help you find available rooms nearby. Often, these apps will have estimated prices, contact information, and some can even tell you availability down to the room number! This is very useful when you need a place to stay and want to consolidate all the options into one place for effective decision making.

  1. Search a travel website

Like using the web or apps, you can go online and find a travel site that sells airfare and offers car and lodging discounts. Often you can find pre-packaged deals that include some nights in a hotel and even some discounts on rental cars, etc. The sites are very popular and maintained daily. Therefore, they should represent availability and prices fairly consistently.

  1. Local bed and breakfast

This option is one of the best, especially if you are in the middle of enjoying a wonderful day trip or weekend getaway. Having appreciated all the charm and discoveries of your excursion destination, it only makes sense to look at the local bed and breakfasts for your overnight stay. A local bed and breakfast will offer different styles of rooms, comfortable amenities and breakfast options. The nicer places can have a pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen or fireplace, as well as a variety of guest services such as web cafes or fax and photocopiers perfect for business travelers who need to work remotely or check in.

There is no need to pack up and go home. With the tips mentioned above, you can find comfortable accommodation and extend your well-deserved weekend adventure.

What about bed and breakfast to go with that glass of Texas Winery? "

The state of Texas is not just a country known for its amazing barbecue food, wild west stories, rambling armadillos and dusty desert landscapes. Although the cowboy lifestyle runs deep in the blood of most Texans, they also enjoy the finer and more refined things in life. Not many people are aware that Texas has many wineries that provide some wonderful and unique wines that give a special taste of the state. Wine tasting and weekend excursions are common, especially in the Hill Country – a beautiful rolling hillside landscape with quaint little towns. It's always a good idea to have a place to stay, especially after a full day of wine tasting in the warm Texas heat. Looking for bed and breakfasts in Texas winery? We got you covered.

1. Visit a winery first

There are many wonderful vineyards in the heart of Texas in and around the Hill Country. Each offers their own unique spin on wines. Windy Winery offers boutique wines served in its spacious tasting room with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Saddlehorn Winery offers you a chance to explore the wine production process in detail or relax in a modern tasting room away from the scorching sun. Texas Star Winery specializes in fruity wines with pear, hibiscus and many more. No matter where you choose to go, you will not be disappointed by the tastes and the artistry.

2. Far View Bed and Breakfast

This B&B is set inside a magnificent castle like brick building complete with gorgeous countryside and surrounded by 2 acres of land. Located near the center of Brenham, TX, the hotel is perfectly suited to stay in and enjoy the facilities. Complete with hot tub, pool, covered terraces and outdoor cooking, there can be no reason to leave!

3. Wakefield Farms

This is a historic farmhouse that gives you the cabin feel with all the modern luxury you can expect from high end lodging. Renovated for maximum comfort, these cottages have access to a cool pool in summer. For a more charming but comfortable stay – this is the place.

4. Cottages of Winedale

The name even has the word wine in it. Known as Kolber Kottage, this B&B is close to Round Top, which is known for its many festivals and especially antique shows. This property provides more space for family, friends or even double couples to stay at. It is the perfect combination of comfortable amenities and authentic country measurement.

5. The Guest House in Washington

Perfect location near all the Hill Country towns; Washington, Brenham, College Station and Chappell Hill. Offering the opportunity to stay in a traditional 1930s farmhouse, this B&B is updated to a comfortable 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom accommodation. It is complete with all the amenities you need to be relaxed and ready for adventures in any of the surrounding towns.

For the true Texas experience, be sure to plan your best B&B experience today.