A view from Dallas Fort Worth Airport

It has been several years since I flew – in general when we travel, we drive where we are going, but driving from Northern Nevada to Austin, Texas and then south to Houston in mid-June did not sound like either John or me so I decided to fly alone.

After boarding three different aircraft and two leave; one in Salt Lake and then a second further in Dallas, I have become familiar with the art of flying. The actual feel Flight is unchanged: people rush, race, in some cases drive to the next flight only to find that the plane has not yet boarded, the very worst kind of stress. Men, women and children in a variety of races, languages, dresses – a microcosm of the world – try to get from one part of their world to another as quickly as possible; Their faces reveal expressions that range from anxiety, frustration, boredom to impatience as they wait and wait and wait.

The airlines have made some significant changes in attempts, I suppose, to streamline processes and reduce costs. Among those made immediately apparent to me are the strict weight limits for careless passengers who thoughtlessly add one and then five books along with other non-essential and quite heavy items resulting in a "surplus fee". A $ 100.00 surcharge for the infringing three-pound surplus works exactly like a speeding ticket: I know I'll stay under the fifty pound ceiling the next time I fly.

Gone are the people who struggled to get a suitcase too big to fit in a shelf too small with the not so patient confidant who helped in the pointless attempts to make the impossible happen while the minutes ticked by. The rules are clear and enforceable. Aviation personnel detect and then stop the few people with oversized luggage before getting on the plane; effectively, the large piece of luggage is whipped away so that the process of boarding moves a few hundred people into the aircraft in twenty minutes or less.

The presence of mobile devices with free WiFi at the airports and on the aircraft allows instant communication for everyone from anywhere. People who write, text and talk on smart phones about the latest business disaster as the man behind me at Dallas Fort Worth Airport exhaustively shared their need for the unexpected resignation of an important top player to a listener assumed to feel the same way.

I've been on my third flight since 6:30 this morning when I finish this post. A quick and unscientific survey of the hundreds of people seen during this long day revealed only two others who had a real book to read. Many passengers use their mobile devices to avoid the gaze of a stranger and ear plugs in place.

The young woman who sat next to me on the final leg of this tour is one of the three people I have seen with a book – a real book and expresses gratitude when I hand her the novel I had completed.

"Do you like fiction?"

Smiling she replied: "Yes I do, I travel all the time and am always on the lookout for books that will pass the time. Is that good?"

Smiling back I replied "It's OK, it will pass the time."

Captain Samantha Martinez, a member of the Texas Joint CounterDrug Task Force Operations OIC, is the coalition of many agencies working together to stop the suffocation in the global economy cartels. She loves her job because she knows she makes a difference.

She listened as I explained that a character in my next book is a member of a Texas Coalition Task Force that I thought I had invented, and answered confidently when I asked if I could use her name in the novel and gave me her business card that we went along with the plane and on the way to baggage claim.

One of the unexpected gifts of spending eternal time on planes was meeting a young woman as Captain Martinez; working to make this world a better place: God bless you, Samantha. And thank you very much for your permission to use your name for one of my characters in the next book.

Five questions to answer before traveling in Bay Area Houston

When it comes to camping, even the biggest camping noob know what a camping trip can mean. No worries, right? If you have decided to camp "Bay-Area-Houston-style", there is a reason to find yourself a little confused. After all, Houston, Texas is an international city and very well known for being a major metropolitan area. The notion that camping, a whole-hearted outdoor activity, can take place in or near Houston, just doesn't make sense.

However, the fact is that Bay Area Houston is a collection of an area that is partially between Houston and Galveston. Initially, you get a bit of the lure and impact of a big city like Houston, but you still get the dramatic change in scenery as you head toward the Gulf. Thus, your idea of ​​camping, now a little better adapted to the traditional idea of ​​camping, still needs to adapt to this unique area of ​​Texas.

Before you head out, ask yourself these five questions:

1. Where can I actually look forward to camping when it comes to outdoor splendor? Fortunately, even with the glamor of the metropolis nearby, Texas saw fit to make sure certain areas were well preserved for future generations. The best option is to check out Texas State Parks such as Brazos Bend State Park, Huntsville State Park and Stephen F. Austin State Park.

2. What kind of weather would you like to camp in? This is more tailored to anyone looking for a temperate climate, but remember you are in Texas. In the Houston / Gulf area, there tend to be many more days in the 90s average temperature than not, and you also need to factor in humidity.

3. What kind of activities do I want to explore? You're lucky, as Bay Area Houston offers a wide variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and biking. In many ways, although the area is flanked by more urban environments, you still have access to many camping activities you find elsewhere.

4. What kind of camping do I really mean? This is a strange question, but you have to be specific about the type of camping you want to pursue, mainly because you will find a large motorhome camping market. Think of it as the more glamorous form of "pitching a tent". These campsites are close to the Kemah Boardwalk and Galveston Beach, so it's a pretty big market.

5. How "out there" will I be? Lastly, you need to decide if you are really looking to stay robust for a weekend or if you want a place to breathe fresh air at night after you have had a chance to explore what Bay Area Houston has to offer visitors . Of course, there are Kemah Boardwalk, Space Center Houston and Clear Creek Winery to name a few.

Camping the Bay Area Houston Way is for the daring and adventurous and those looking for something unique in the outdoors. It's more than just a little vacation – it's the ride of life.

Fun things to do in Kemah, TX, on the date night

It doesn't matter if you are a clumsy teenager or a slightly less clumsy adult, putting together plans for a date night is exciting because it means seeing the special person who makes you smile from ear to ear. If you happen to be in the Southeast Texas area near the Gulf Coast, your planning will certainly include looking at all the fun things you can do in Kemah, TX.

Kemah is a city located in a Texas area known as the Bay Area Houston. The area happens to include the vast land area between the southeastern border of Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. It is difficult to put into words the stunning natural beauty of the area's landscapes, beaches, outdoor activities and a diverse population. When you consider all this, it doesn't sound so tough to pick out something fun to do for a date night.

Here are some things to consider for your next data night in Kemah, TX:

Kemah Boardwalk – The Kemah Boardwalk is open every day and provides fun for everyone! Located just 20 miles from downtown Houston and covering 35 acres, the Kemah Boardwalk is home to wonderful seafront restaurants, delights, quaint shops, festivals and the seaside every day. This can be the ideal place for a data night just because you have everything you could want somewhere.

Avoid Kemah – If you work as a team, your job is to escape in under an hour. Not only does each Escape Room game provide an opportunity to challenge your logical thoughts and solve problems. You are also challenged to be a team member. Words to the wise: this may not be the best idea for a first date, as the results of your "escape" may dictate if it's a second date.

Space Center Houston – If you're a fan of the "final frontier", you'll love Space Center Houston. Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of the NASA Johnson Space Center, serves as Houston's main attraction for international visitors. It is the only Smithsonian-affiliated company in the Houston area. The exhibits, attractions, and activities of this 250,000-square-foot educational entertainment complex tell the story of America's human space flight program, and provide guests with an experience like no other.

Clear Creek Vineyard – Clear Creek Vineyard is a cool alternative if both you and your date are 21 years and over. Try wine flights and tours of the facility. Remember that vineyard tours and wine tasting are quite elegant right now.

Art of Coffee – Let's say you've seen a movie, and both have some great opinions to share. Why not skip the "big box" of coffee places and keep the date low-key and relaxed by having a cup of coffee at this little place. They have earned a reputation as a "go to" place in the heart of the city.

Not only is it easy to find fun things to do in Kemah, TX for a night out, but you will be hard pressed to have a better time just about anywhere else. With a perfect combination of old-school and new-school, Kemah, TX has the magic you're looking for on a great date night.

Travel historic Route 66 through Arizona

Route 66 can trace history back to the late 1920s when it was first proposed and published. However, it was not until 1938 that the road was completely paved from its eastern beginning in Chicago, Illinois, to the western terminal of Santa Monica, CA, approximately 2450 miles later. Of course, the route can be run either east or west, although most Route 66 travelers prefer to travel from east to west just as the Joad family did in John Steinbeck's famous literary work, The Grapes of Wrath.

Unfortunately, Route 66 began to be replaced in the 1960s by new Interstate freeways that bypassed many small towns along the way and were completely removed from the freeway to interstate freeways in 1985. However, in part to many Route 66 organizations, small-town chambers, enthusiasts and historians have refused enough to let it die. Over the last 25 years there has been a new boom of heritage tourism that has aroused interest in preserving this wonderful piece of Americana history and nostalgia which is Route 66.

Often referred to as "The Mother Road," "America's Main Street" or the "Will Rogers Highway" route goes through eight different states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Let's look at the state of Arizona in more detail.


Heading west, Arizona is the seventh of the 8 sections of Route 66 and has 401 miles from border to border. It boasts some of the most beautiful scenery, some of the most unique establishments you must see, the highest elevation and the longest unbroken stretch of Route 66 of the entire journey.

Geographically, Arizona is home to Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. These places provide some incredible photo opportunities, but also a chance to explore and hike in these natural attractions.

About 75 miles into Arizona, past both the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, is the town of Holbrook. Home to the Wigwam Village Motel, most Route 66 travelers look forward to sleeping in a tepee, and many cite this landmark as a highlight of the trip. Further west lies Joseph City, a Mormon establishment that was created in the late 1870s. Located in Joseph City is the famous Jackrabbit Trading Post. One of Route 66's most well-known signature sites is the famous signboard that reads "HERE IT IS" located at the Jackrabbit Trading Post.

Further west past the Meteor Crater and the towns "stand on the corner" Winslow, the extinct two weapons, the abandoned Twin Arrows and the "don't forget" Winona lie the town of Flagstaff. Flagstaff is home to the famous Lowell Observatory and is also the gateway to the Grand Canyon, which is an hour's drive north. The Canyon is well worth a side trip off Route 66 to see one of the eight natural wonders of the world. If you prefer, you can also access the spectacular Grand Canyon via the Grand Canyon Railway out of Williams just 30 miles west of Flagstaff. Between Flagstaff and Williams lies Brannigan Peak. At 720 feet above sea level, it is the highest peak along the entire route to Rt. 66.

25 km west of Williams lies Ash Fork, the capital of the world's flagstone. Just past Ash Fork, you can say goodbye to I-40 as you embark on the longest unbroken stretch of Route 66 of the entire journey. Be sure to stop by the legendary Snow Cap Drive-in in Seligman and the fascinating Hackberry Country Store before arriving at Kingman. Here you will find many still-preserved business businesses serving Route 66 travelers, including a very well-executed museum.

Be sure to leave Kingman while you still have daylight, because you won't miss the incredible scenery ahead as you travel through Black Mountain switchbacks & hairpins ahead. Oatman waits, and so do the many wild burros who call the old mining town home. Be sure to check out the historic Oatman Hotel where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon.

By leaving Oatman, you can take a quick trip to the casinos in Laughlin Nevada and try your luck, or continue through Golden Shores, Topock and return to I-40 to cross the mighty Colorado River into California.

How to be proactive about the Zika virus

While the Zika virus has been around since 1947, it has not been recognized as a legitimate threat to the United States until very recently. Zika is a potent virus carried by mosquitoes. Until 2007, the virus was limited to Africa only. Since then, it has spread to the South Pacific and to other tropical regions, such as the Caribbean. Zika is particularly concerned about pregnant women who may have birth anomalies, such as microcephaly, for their unborn babies. However, it can also cause fever, rash, headaches and joint pain in anyone affected by it for up to a week.

Zika Transmission

Zika is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. However, it can also be transferred between sexual partners. The species of mosquitoes that carry the virus include Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. Currently, only A. aegypti has spread Zika in the United States; This species is mostly present in warmer states with more tropical climates. However, it can reach as far north as Ohio in the Midwest and Connecticut along the eastern seaboard. While A. albopictus may carry Zika, it has not yet been known to do so in the United States

The latest information shows that the majority of Zika cases in the United States are travel-related, meaning they are caused by a person being bitten by an affected mosquito while traveling out of the country. The only place in the United States that has been hit by locally infected mosquitoes is a small area of ​​Miami just north of downtown. Florida, Texas, California, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York have all reported more than 200 cases each with over 600 reported in Florida. The states that report between 50 to 100 cases include Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan.

Being proactive towards Zika

Because Zika is spread by mosquitoes, it is important that you learn how to prevent mosquito bites wherever you live, and especially if you are traveling out of the United States. You should be aware that virus-coated mosquitoes bite during the day and night. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using insecticides with high levels of EPA-registered active ingredients, such as DEET, Picaridine, lemon eucalyptus oil, para-mentanediol or IR3535. Some examples of approved repellent brand names include Off !, Cutter Advanced, Repel, and SkinSmart. These remedies are safe, even for pregnant women to use as well as for all children over two months. In addition, you will be best protected if you wear shirts with long sleeves, long pants and repellent treated shoes and socks when you are out. In addition, cover mesh carriers to protect very young infants from being bitten.

The only other way you can get Zika other than from a mosquito bite is from sexual contact with a person who has the virus. To protect this type of transmission, always use a male or female condom during intercourse. Condoms should be used during vaginal, anal and oral sex to prevent transmission from semen or vaginal fluid. Make sure that a person can transmit the virus before the symptoms begin and even after the symptoms end.

This is just the beginning of Zika

The United States government maintains a close monitoring system of Zika cases throughout the United States as well as in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa. The Miami local government has taken steps to contain and prevent future outbreaks by using aerial spraying in some neighborhoods. In addition, President Obama has asked Congress to approve emergency funding for vaccine development, virus testing and state and local financial assistance.

The government does not believe the mosquitoes carrying Zika will travel much further north than they already are, which is in Florida and Texas. However, travel-related issues can expand if people do not take proper precautions when traveling. Locally acquired cases are most likely in Texas and Florida, although the mosquitoes that can carry Zika can go as far north as Iowa and New Hampshire and as far west as California.

Get tested!

If you develop symptoms that are compliant with Zika or have traveled to another country affected by the virus, you should be tested. In addition, if you had unprotected sex with a person who has or has had Zika, your doctor may recommend testing. This is especially important for pregnant women. Testing can be done by blood or urine tests. A test known as real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction testing, or rRT-PCR, can be done within two weeks of symptom onset. It can also be performed on pregnant women who do not currently have any symptoms but who traveled to an affected country.

Although this new information about Zika should not cause panic, you should work consistently to prevent the transmission of the virus by preventing mosquito bites and by practicing protected sex when using condoms.

Camping in the Bay Area Houston? Read this first

Outdoor enthusiasts tend to be known where the best places are to set up camp, fishing, hunting and finally find solace in nature without city life. According to some of the greatest outdoorsmen in the area, Bay Area Houston is the place to be if you are a camping fan.

What is Bay Area Houston? Bay Area Houston is a Texas area hidden in the space between Houston, the fourth largest city (by population) in the United States, and the Gulf Coast. Most notable cities include League City, Nassau Bay, Kemah and Seabrook, although the area's Economic Partnership (BAHEP) covers communities from Pasadena to Galveston. Of course, the city of Houston makes such a draw for visitors because they can easily travel from the hustle and bustle of the city to the quiet, cool and relaxing atmosphere of the Bay Area Houston.

Back to why Bay Area Houston and what it means for camping. The area is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and building the growth of the population around it. Residents and visitors are encouraged to get out and enjoy nature to the fullest.

If you decide that camping in the Bay Area Houston is in the future, remember the following:

Define what type of camping you mean – This seems like a ridiculous question until you realize that camping can mean both motorhome and tent camping. If you go the RV route, places like La Marque, San Leon and Kemah are highlights.

State Parks Win Out – If you are going to the tent camping, you will probably find that state parks are the way to go most of the time. Still, there are some other parks that can be included. Some major sites include Galveston Island State Park, Brazos Bend State Park and Bayou Campground. Be aware that tent camping may require you to go out a bit more than you think.

Always be aware of the weather – Remember, you're in Texas, so it's getting hot. Yes, you can find more comfortable weather outside the summer, but summer is usually when the kids are out of school and the family holidays are in full swing. Bay Area Houston average temperatures can be in the 90s and 100s, and that doesn't count humidity. Even at night, the temperatures can be quite warm, so be prepared.

If you choose southeast Texas for camping, Bay Area Houston is a pretty cool place to check out. Once you have defined the type of camping that is right for you and your family, you will be able to find a place that suits your needs. This is important because many areas intended for camping use do not have enough variety to handle motorhomes or tent camping. As with any long-term adventure out there, you should pay some attention to the weather and any unfortunate changes, but as long as you're prepared for most weather (especially the sun screen and plenty of water in the Texas sun – whew!), You'll be fine.

Romantic beach holiday destinations in summer 2009

Summer is a short but wonderful season, often spent with family and friends and enjoys the endless selection of festivals, food and festivals. The summer season is also a perfect time for a romantic stroll on the beach at sunset during a warm summer vacation. Take advantage of the long summer days to explore the list of beautiful beaches and resorts across the United States. In summer you will find your special beach destination, soak up the sun and play in the pristine sandy beaches while making summer memories that last a lifetime.

Maine is one of the most popular romantic destinations for summer vacations for many reasons. The beautiful, temperate weather and rocky coastlines with rising granite cliffs have provided unforgettable views to summer travelers for over a hundred years. A popular summer destination in Maine is Bar Harbor, located in the Acadia National Park area, offering beautiful white sandy beaches and refreshing, cool waters to enjoy and help you relax. Also located in this summer vacation area along Route 1A in the south coast of Maine are the quaint coastal towns of Portland and Ogunquit. Both offer smaller beaches, but are known for their quiet, romantic shorelines. Tired of the beach? How about a trip to Maines's central coastline to Southwest Harbor where vacationers will find wonderful shops, galleries, eateries and bed and breakfast accommodation unlike anything experienced before. And of course, no Maine summer vacation would be complete without attending any of the local fairs, including freshly caught lobster, haddock puppies, fiddle-head potatoes, and my personal favorite, New England clam soup.

Another hot spot for the summer vacation is the New Jersey South Shore, with over 140 miles of pristine beaches, renowned restaurants and celebrated summer festivals and events. This region contains 7 of the 10 best beaches in New Jersey, including the # 1 beach located in Ocean City. Known as America's Greatest Family Resort, it is a great place for family reunions, group trips, and of course, beach weddings. The 2.5-kilometer boardwalk is complete with fine dining and shopping areas for adults, and two amusement parks, go-kart rentals and a water park for the kids. Don't forget the many mini golf courses, fun for the whole family! It really is entertainment for all ages in Ocean City, NJ. And no trip to the New Jersey South Shore would be complete without visiting the historic Victorian town of Cape May. Cape May offers a wide variety of activities in the summertime, including listening to the surf caress the shoreline, the thrill and excitement of walking on the boardwalk, climbing to the top of one of the many famous Cape May lighthouses and enjoying the high views, and finally , stay at a romantic Victorian bed and breakfast on the coast. The New Jersey Southern Shore offers a wide variety of activities to make your summer vacation memorable.

The Florida Keys region, including its nearby barrier islands, has long been a favorite destination for summer vacationers, known for its abundance of sunshine and crystal blue skies year-round. Key West offers soft, white sandy beaches that surround the scenic perimeter, and is known for its outdoor activities, including fishing, scuba diving, water sports and world-class golf. After watching a diverse Key West sunset, you can enjoy the many nightlife activities, including live entertainment by the city's many musicians and street artists. Treat your palate with an island specialty and dine at a local sidewalk cafe or gourmet restaurant, and enjoy an evening drink at one of the many legendary pubs and islands. Accommodation in Key West is as diverse as the island itself, including top notch for traditional conch houses to comfortable bed and breakfast inns. In a city of fascinating contrasts and inspiring diversity, it's easy to imagine letting go of mainland concerns and spending your summer vacation in beautiful Key West, Florida. I have personally visited Key West several times and soaking in the memorable places during the 4 hour drive from Key Largo to Key West, and would highly recommend the trip along scenic USA 1 to any vacation looking for an unforgettable beach vacation in summer.

Home to some of the best beaches in the United States, Texas's southern Gulf Coast region attracts millions of visitors each year, especially during the summer holidays. With over 350 miles of coastline stretching in a gentle arch from South Padre Island north to the Louisiana border, this Texas playground is known for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife. The native coniferous grassland and marshland provide the ideal ecosystem to support rich marine life and nesting sites for migratory birds. In the northern Gulf Coast area, you can explore the historic beach communities of Galveston and Crystal Beach. Galveston offers 32 miles of stunning, soft sandy beaches, top-notch restaurants and live entertainment, and one of the largest and well-preserved concentrations of Victorian architecture in the country. Another popular summer destination on the Texas Gulf Coast is Corpus Christi, offering vacationers a rich blend of culture in the laid-back atmosphere of a historic coastal harbor. When traveling to Corpus Christi, one can expect to find soothing sea breezes, endless blue skies and beautiful turquoise water. Visit the bay promenade, arts and museum district, seaside restaurants and entertaining nightlife while vacationing in Corpus Christi. South Padre Island is located on the tropical tip of Texas bordering Mexico. It is known as one of the best holiday destinations in the country and offers beautiful beaches, high dunes and warm floor waters. Contrary to popular belief, South Padre Island is one of the mildest places in Texas during the summer season, with Gulf Sea Bries keeping temperatures moderate in the high 80s to low 90s. Some activities to explore while vacationing in this top-rated Texas beach destination include saltwater fishing, fresh fish and seafood served at local island restaurants, and stay at a historic bed and breakfast or hotel accommodation. There is certainly something for all travel enthusiasts when visiting the Texas Gulf Coast this summer.

Located along the Pacific Ocean halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the central coast of California stretches thousands of miles from Santa Barbara to Monterey. The region is known for its romantic, white sandy beaches and rocky coastal views, exquisite wine country tours and artisan villages. Vacationers can choose from charming, historic bed and breakfast inns to scenic oceanfront cottages. During the beautiful days of sunshine, you can discover surfing, water skiing, golf, hiking, biking, horse riding, bird watching, farmers markets and film festivals. If you are looking for beautiful blue skies, shopping, dining, countless activities, unforgettable experiences and a marina complimented by a gorgeous beach, visit Santa Barbara, located on the southern end of California's central coast. Located near the northern tip of Monterey Bay, 74 miles south of San Francisco, lies the famous seaside town of Santa Cruz. Expect a wide variety of attractions, from Santa Cruz's award-winning boardwalk and majestic Redwood forests, to arts and culture events and award-winning restaurants. An enchanting blend of history and natural beauty awaits, making your summer vacation to California's central coast a memorable and enjoyable one.

Bed and Breakfast Directory.com suggests the above summer beach destinations based on personal experiences and other valued input from travelers. The locations were chosen because of the general entertainment options, the quality and popularity of the beach, the amount of sunny days, the softness of the sand, the temperature in the water and the dining and shopping opportunities.

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic in Garner State Park |

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy spending time in beautiful state parks, you will definitely want to add a picnic in Garner State Park to your book list. With nearly three miles of Frio River running through the nature reserve, you will see some amazing canyon-like hills. With a beautiful river and hiking trails galore, you will have many options to stop to enjoy a meal. Take a look at the following tips to help you get the most out of your picnic:

Plan around an activity.

Garner State Park is located deep in Texas Hill and offers a wide variety of activities including (but not limited to!) Paddle boating, fishing, hiking, camping and swimming. Decide what you want to see and do before planning a picnic, and take advantage of the many rental options the park has to offer. Remember, you may want to plan a picnic later in the day in the summer to take advantage of the famous summer dances in the evening. These dances have taken place since the 1940s and are always very popular with young and old.

Do some research in advance!

This may sound tiring, but checking up before entering the park for nature and geophysical properties of conservation will definitely enhance your visit, especially if you are interested in nature. With a wide variety of birds that live in the area and unique and hardy plants you won't see anywhere else, but in Texas Hill Country, you will get more out of your visit if you know what to look for. Visit the Garner State Park website or check with Uvalde and Concan's visitor agency to take advantage of local resources.

Decide if you want picnics to be part of a camping experience, or if you are looking for day trips.

Because Garner State Park is such a popular place to visit, you need to plan your trip in advance. Often you may come across a waiting list, especially during peak times of the year, including spring and summer months. If you are interested in staying overnight, you can call in advance to inquire about campsites and cabins. If checking out the park for its daily use is more in line with your plans, you can call ahead to check the wait, if any, to enter the park. The nature area is located in the small Texas town of Texas and is close to Uvalde. Check out these two cities for different accommodations, including local bed and breakfasts, other campsites and hotel rooms.

Bring proper food.

And of course, don't forget to pack good, filling foods for the most important aspect of your picnic! Hard bread and biscuits do well on picnics, as well as easy-to-eat fruits, such as apples and berries. Bring plenty of water as it can get quite hot during the year. And no matter what, make sure you pick up the trash!

Bandera, Texas: Cowboy Capital of the World

Want to be a cowboy? It's a simple order to fill out Bandera, Texas, nicknamed "The Cowboy Capital of the World." In this community, located 50 miles northwest of San Antonio on TX 16, you can't throw a horseshoe without hitting a dude ranch, rodeo hill, western thrift store or dance hall.

Bandera's Western Heritage is a major draw for today's travelers, but its roots are from the basic days of Texas. Bandera Pass, located 12 miles north on TX 173, was the site of countless battles between the Spanish conquerors and both the Apache and the Comanche Indians. According to a local legend, a flag (or bandera in Spanish) was placed here to mark the boundary between the forces.

Today, the wild west atmosphere lives on both in the city and in the surrounding farm ranches. Whether you want to "cowboy up" for a few days at a guy ranch or just grab some boots and dance to western tunes along Main Street, Bandera has plenty of opportunities to get in touch with your inner cowboy.

Dude Ranches: Bandera is known for its many dude ranches, the perfect way for you and your family to experience life as a cowboy for a few days. Properties like Flying L Guest Ranch, Mayan Ranch, Dixie Dude Ranch and Twin Elm Guest Ranch will keep you busy with horseback riding, hayrides, fishing, cookouts and more. You don't have to have any previous riding experience to enjoy the ranches. Typically, guest rates include three meals a day in addition to Western entertainment and even supervised children's programs. During the high summer months, you can expect a minimum stay on many ranches.

Rodeos: Bandera is also synonymous with rodeos. A favorite that is held every Tuesday and Friday through the summer is at Twin Elm Guest Ranch. For professional action, check out the Cowboy Capital PRCA Rodeo, which was held in May.

Honky Tonks: Another city might call them nightclubs, but there's nothing fancy about Bandera; this city proudly calls its downtown bars honky tonks. Live country music can be found most nights. One of the most famous is Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar. Don't miss the sawdust floor (to encourage lots of boot-scootin & # 39;). Also on Main Street, Cabaret Dancehall has shaken to the sounds of country music for seven decades and often has many big name acts.

Cowboys on Main: During the hot weather months, the center of Bandera is transformed with a Saturday event called the Cowboys on Main. Scheduled from 6 p.m. Until. right on Main Street, the event features cowboys, storytellers, trick-ropers, musicians and more. The event is sponsored by the Frontier Times Museum's Living History Project. Save some time at the Frontier Times Museum. Dating back to 1927, the museum is a great place to learn more about Banderas' early days through cowboy gear, Native American arrowheads and prehistoric artifacts.

For more information about vacationing in Bandera, call the Bandera Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800.364.3833 or 830.796.3045.

World renowned airports in Dallas

Dallas is one of the largest cities in Texas in the United States. The city ranks third in size in Texas and is also the ninth largest city in the entire United States of America. It is the largest economy in the state of Texas and was founded in 1841. The place formally came into being in February 1856. The economy of the city comprises telecom, energy, computers, commerce, banking, health care, medical research, logistics and transportation. The city is actually economically developed and rich, with a maximum of Fortune 500 companies concentrated here. The city has gained tremendous historical significance as it is the hub of the cotton and oil industry. These industries used to constitute the economy of the city in earlier times. Flights to Dallas can be used from any major city in any country. The best airline tickets are also available that give you a luxurious and memorable journey, and this can be appreciated for life.

Dallas or Fort Worth International Airport is located in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. This airport is one of the busiest airports in the US state of Texas. It is meant for the people of both the cities of Dallas and Forth Worth. The airport has both national and intercontinental airlines operating from it, thus leaving a large number of commuters from this place every day. It ranks fourth in terms of passenger traffic, with 6, 52,261 aircraft taking off in 2010. DFW Airport is the most important hub of American Airlines and is considered to be Airport City. In terms of ground, Texas is the largest airport and second in the United States, the largest being Denver International Airport. The DFW airport has five terminals and 152 ports. The number of terminals would increase to thirteen, and the number of ports would count to 260 in the coming years. The airport is strategically designed to cut a short distance between the aircraft and the passenger's car. Special care is also taken to reduce traffic in front of the terminals at the airport. Flights to Dallas can be taken from any of the largest international airports anywhere in the world. If you are planning an economic trip, there are also cheap flights to Dallas.

In terms of infrastructure, modern facilities and connectivity, DFW is the best and world-class. The atmosphere at the airport is also second to none. The shopping destinations at the airport are very good, and the availability of the best brands makes it a popular shopping destination. The dining options are also very good, and thus commuters do not have to face any problems. To get a cheap ticket to Dallas, log on to some of the most important travel and tourism sites.