What I learned about visiting Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is one of the fantastic places to visit in the country if you are a fan of space and science. It is located near Houston, Texas, one of the largest cities in the United States. Space Center Houston & # 39; s proximity to Houston is important to note because Houston is known as Space City, USA (think "fame about Houston, we have a problem"), and stands as a villain in many industries, and has provided name itself as one of the premier destinations, not only in Texas, but at an international level. The city serves as a host for an incredibly diverse population.

If you're a fan of the space program and are on the edge of your seat when it comes to room weirdness in general, Space Center Houston is your ultimate destination. It doesn't get much cooler than this, and since it opened in 1992, over 10,000,000 guests (this is a conservative figure) would probably agree that Space Center Houston is the place to go to get up close and personal with space exploration of humans, and in many ways, at the entrance to the universe while still here on earth.

After checking out Space Center Houston myself, I can tell you that I learned quite a lot about this place. Here are some of the highlights:

  • It is a celebration of educational programs STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), which brings in hundreds of thousands of students and teachers each year.
  • During a 2016 study, the center brings over $ 70,000,000 to the area, which means the area is truly connected to the center at an important community level.
  • You can meet an honest-to-goodness astronaut every Friday and talk to them about what their experience as an astronaut has been. The best part – such a treat comes free with entrance! Don't forget to ask about the "Lunch with an Astronaut" experience.
  • Space Center Houston maintains an indoor temperature of 60 degrees, which means that if you are traveling with children or someone who easily gets a chill, you may want to have a light sweater or long sleeve shirt available.
  • If you've ever wondered about the aircraft that was part of the various shuttle missions in the Space Program, you can actually check out NASA 905, a 747 used in most ferry planes.
  • I learned about a pioneer in the space program named Robert Henry Lawrence. In June 1967, he became the first black astronaut to be selected by the Air Force as part of the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) program. He was quoted as helping to develop a steep-descending gliding technique became part of the ship landing method known as & # 39; flare & # 39 ;.

Space Center Houston acts as the official visitor center for NASA's Johnson Space Center and has been doing so for the past quarter century (established in 1992). Before I visited, I expected to learn a thing or two, but after I left, I realized that I could have spent a lifetime in there trying to take in everything that the center offered. There's no question about it – you have to check it out yourself.