Fun things to do in Kemah, TX, on the date night

It doesn't matter if you are a clumsy teenager or a slightly less clumsy adult, putting together plans for a date night is exciting because it means seeing the special person who makes you smile from ear to ear. If you happen to be in the Southeast Texas area near the Gulf Coast, your planning will certainly include looking at all the fun things you can do in Kemah, TX.

Kemah is a city located in a Texas area known as the Bay Area Houston. The area happens to include the vast land area between the southeastern border of Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. It is difficult to put into words the stunning natural beauty of the area's landscapes, beaches, outdoor activities and a diverse population. When you consider all this, it doesn't sound so tough to pick out something fun to do for a date night.

Here are some things to consider for your next data night in Kemah, TX:

Kemah Boardwalk – The Kemah Boardwalk is open every day and provides fun for everyone! Located just 20 miles from downtown Houston and covering 35 acres, the Kemah Boardwalk is home to wonderful seafront restaurants, delights, quaint shops, festivals and the seaside every day. This can be the ideal place for a data night just because you have everything you could want somewhere.

Avoid Kemah – If you work as a team, your job is to escape in under an hour. Not only does each Escape Room game provide an opportunity to challenge your logical thoughts and solve problems. You are also challenged to be a team member. Words to the wise: this may not be the best idea for a first date, as the results of your "escape" may dictate if it's a second date.

Space Center Houston – If you're a fan of the "final frontier", you'll love Space Center Houston. Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of the NASA Johnson Space Center, serves as Houston's main attraction for international visitors. It is the only Smithsonian-affiliated company in the Houston area. The exhibits, attractions, and activities of this 250,000-square-foot educational entertainment complex tell the story of America's human space flight program, and provide guests with an experience like no other.

Clear Creek Vineyard – Clear Creek Vineyard is a cool alternative if both you and your date are 21 years and over. Try wine flights and tours of the facility. Remember that vineyard tours and wine tasting are quite elegant right now.

Art of Coffee – Let's say you've seen a movie, and both have some great opinions to share. Why not skip the "big box" of coffee places and keep the date low-key and relaxed by having a cup of coffee at this little place. They have earned a reputation as a "go to" place in the heart of the city.

Not only is it easy to find fun things to do in Kemah, TX for a night out, but you will be hard pressed to have a better time just about anywhere else. With a perfect combination of old-school and new-school, Kemah, TX has the magic you're looking for on a great date night.