Camping in the Bay Area Houston? Read this first

Outdoor enthusiasts tend to be known where the best places are to set up camp, fishing, hunting and finally find solace in nature without city life. According to some of the greatest outdoorsmen in the area, Bay Area Houston is the place to be if you are a camping fan.

What is Bay Area Houston? Bay Area Houston is a Texas area hidden in the space between Houston, the fourth largest city (by population) in the United States, and the Gulf Coast. Most notable cities include League City, Nassau Bay, Kemah and Seabrook, although the area's Economic Partnership (BAHEP) covers communities from Pasadena to Galveston. Of course, the city of Houston makes such a draw for visitors because they can easily travel from the hustle and bustle of the city to the quiet, cool and relaxing atmosphere of the Bay Area Houston.

Back to why Bay Area Houston and what it means for camping. The area is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and building the growth of the population around it. Residents and visitors are encouraged to get out and enjoy nature to the fullest.

If you decide that camping in the Bay Area Houston is in the future, remember the following:

Define what type of camping you mean – This seems like a ridiculous question until you realize that camping can mean both motorhome and tent camping. If you go the RV route, places like La Marque, San Leon and Kemah are highlights.

State Parks Win Out – If you are going to the tent camping, you will probably find that state parks are the way to go most of the time. Still, there are some other parks that can be included. Some major sites include Galveston Island State Park, Brazos Bend State Park and Bayou Campground. Be aware that tent camping may require you to go out a bit more than you think.

Always be aware of the weather – Remember, you're in Texas, so it's getting hot. Yes, you can find more comfortable weather outside the summer, but summer is usually when the kids are out of school and the family holidays are in full swing. Bay Area Houston average temperatures can be in the 90s and 100s, and that doesn't count humidity. Even at night, the temperatures can be quite warm, so be prepared.

If you choose southeast Texas for camping, Bay Area Houston is a pretty cool place to check out. Once you have defined the type of camping that is right for you and your family, you will be able to find a place that suits your needs. This is important because many areas intended for camping use do not have enough variety to handle motorhomes or tent camping. As with any long-term adventure out there, you should pay some attention to the weather and any unfortunate changes, but as long as you're prepared for most weather (especially the sun screen and plenty of water in the Texas sun – whew!), You'll be fine.