Seven fun things to do in Kemah, TX for couples

When you decide to head to the Texas coastal area, you may find yourself saying out loud, "Huh, I forget that Texas has a coastline." However, for those who know what Lone Star State has to offer in terms of tourism, head to the city of Kemah, TX, where your new refrain will be: "Gee, there are a lot of fun things to do in Kemah, TX! "

You'll love exploring this beautiful city just outside of Houston, TX. Depending on whether you are traveling with children or just on vacation, you will probably be looking for a chance to have some "couples" time. Fortunately, you are in the right place as Kemah has some wonderful ways to get the little romantic spark to burn.

Here are seven fun things you and your special someone can sink your teeth into when visiting Kemah, TX:

1. Friday Night Fireworks – No doubt you travel during at least part of the weekend, and if it happens to include Friday night in the summer, you're in luck. If you happen to be a fan of great live music and a heck of a fireworks display, this is the place to be. It is nothing more romantic than fireworks by the water.

2. Salsa Sundays – If you're in town during the summer, you'll be able to catch one of the more unique but very romantic deals in town. Salsa Sundays offers a chance throughout the summer for people to get free salsa lessons, enjoy salsa and Latin-themed music, dance and even shows set by professional dancers.

3. Rock the Dock – Maybe you and your girlfriend like to rock. Check out the best in rock music under Rock the Dock. You will be treated to all types of rock music from the first week of May almost through August.

4. Art of Coffee – Take some time over a nice cup of Joe by checking out Art of Coffee. It is a favorite of visitors and residents, and provides good atmosphere and drinks for everyone.

5. Boardwalk Beast – If you're looking for some excitement as a couple, look to Boardwalk Beast. You'll cruise Galveston Bay at nearly 40 mph, all while enjoying the music, the breeze, and you'll definitely get a little wet.

6. Clear Creek Vineyards – Since 2007, this award-winning winery has been making star wines. You and your significant other can choose to go for a walk or even try a wine tasting. Better yet, Clear Creek offers a picnic lunch for two or Gourmet Cheese Boards that can be purchased directly from the winery.

7. Boardwalk Fantasea – Boardwalk FantaSea is a chartered yacht and is the perfect way to celebrate just the right way. Because it is a chartered yacht, you are interested in having a private cruise with reservations. You can work with the cruise coordinator on a menu and entertainment options for the perfect event.

It's not hard to find fun things to do in Kemah, TX, especially for couples. With proximity to Galveston Bay and a good balance between fun and romantic, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for to make the trip perfect.