Five Things to Know When Staying at a Texas Winery Bed and Breakfast

Some might argue that having a lively imagination can be one of the most powerful tools available to mankind. As such, someone must have let their minds wander to a beautiful place so they could conceive of an idea as exciting as a Texas bed and breakfast fan, who might call their "home away from home."

Wait, what? A Texas winery that also serves as a bed and breakfast? There is no conceivable way for this to be a viable one thing, Right? Actually, you may be both shocked and excited to learn that it is certainly a thing and a very popular weekend getaway option for many people. It leaves it to the state of Texas to take the idea of ​​showcasing two major industries in the state (wine production and tourism) at once. Still, if you understand Texas, this actually makes a lot of sense.

Texas has apparently always been a contrasting state. While Texas became a United States state in 1845, it later broke away from the Confederacy during the Civil War. Prior to 1845, there was also a country of its own some time after gaining independence from Mexico. Texas is also the birthplace of two US presidents (Lyndon B Johnson & Dwight. D. Eisenhower), but it is known for the association of two other presidents (George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush).

When you look at the wine industry, Texas even finds a way to have contrasts there as well. It is believed that with the heat Texas is known for, the grape harvest would be more damaged, but cold temperatures and lack of water appear to cause greater damage. Texas wine is a billion-dollar industry, and it competes with the more well-known markets in the United States and the world. With such an economic move, winemakers realized that if they could combine two industries (wine and hospitality), it could be a great thing for them.

If you decide to check out a Texas winery B&B, here are a few things to know before heading out:

Price varies – Each winery B&B has its own rates, so be sure to check online or call for information before booking.

Business Location – While you do not need to get behind the wheel after drinking, you are also in a place where you are with others. Pay attention to your behavior.

All-in-one for tastings, classes and meals – If you and your special someone are wine fans, ordering a wine at a winery B&B is a great way to learn about all stages of wine production.

Experience more – Lodging for the same reason, which means you can explore more of what the winery has to offer, which often includes collaboration with local industry. As the slogan goes: "Keep it Local".

Book early – The winery B&B is exploding in popularity (bookings an average of 2-3 months in advance), and with the Texas tourism industry raising tens of billions of dollars annually, you may want to act fast.

The Texas bed and breakfast trend can be more than just a glimpse of your forehead. This may be the next big thing, and as they say, "Everything is bigger in Texas!"