Things to do in Texas when it rains

Finding things to do in Texas is not a difficult task. If ever there was a state that specializes in tremendous things to do throughout the year, Lone Star State is at the top of the list. This certainly makes sense when you consider the diversity of their larger, more large cities, as well as […]

The best places to watch the sunset in Texas

What could be more fascinating than watching the day turn into night while the sky turns orange, mimicking the golden sun and wishing you a good night? Well, everyone loves a sunset and as a traveler we are all looking for a dramatic end to our time. Texas, a state that boasts such places where […]

Fun limousine ride in Texas

Looking for some fun things to do in Texas, but not sure if you want to find all the places you want to go? Well, forget to drive there yourself, order a limousine and have the driver do all the driving work for you and your friends. One of the best choices you will make […]

Texas tourism is booming: this is why

The US is a country undergoing a bit of a rough update right now, and with every period of trials and tribulations, dips in how much people want to travel. Even with what seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for traveling in this great country, it seems that Texas tourism is weathering the storm […]