Cycling along the North Texas Crazy Eight

The North Texas Crazy Eight Trail is the perfect trail for any cyclist looking for an adventurous ride. With a 71 mile long way to go, you can be sure to stop at all the attractions on the road. There are towns and nicely decorated homes on pretty much flat land throughout the trip. Rows of farmland rows give you a sense of relaxation as you ride your bike.

The first stop on your list would be the airport. There are some large aircraft used in flight, and if you are interested in aviation then this may be one of the best stops on the list. Blue Ridge Town is one of the best cities to look at when you come across it. This is because it is the home of Lavon Lake. The lake is beautiful in summer and gives you a great resting place. You have the opportunity to take a detour to North Texas Sweeper Heaven where there are more lush agricultural lands and right paths to follow. If you choose to stay on the Crazy Eight Route, you will come across many scenic views in all the seasons you choose to ride.

You will find yourself walking on paved and dirt roads during the twists and turns, so be careful with the narrower parts of the road. Since there are many sweepers, and lots of leaves over you, be sure to stay focused on the road since this is one of the harder routes to take while on a bike. There are many gas stations you can stop to take a cold one and relax to enjoy the weather and nature. Be sure to grab some gas while you're there too, and maybe a bite to eat because it's almost twenty miles before the next available stop.

Be sure to stop by Westminster to visit the motorcycle outpost where you will meet more cyclists and share your experiences over burgers, french fries and even pizza. If you like barbecue, be sure to stop by the little white and red trailer on the way out. They make some of the best barbecue parties around, and you can be happy on the way home. Fortunately in Texas, the weather is always perfect for motorcycles. Routes can be run through most months of the year, as the weather stays relatively mild even during the winter months. All you have to worry about is the burning August sun, which provides rising humidity and temperatures above 100 degrees. This area is also home to many historical markers, be sure to visit the many historical facilities that are on the way back through the city, and into the Crazy Eight Route