5 cool things to do, see and explore while at Frio River Camping

When it comes to Frio River camping, you've taken a step toward adventure and building a relationship with a new Texas travel border. However, even with the harsh environment, the modern motorhome can decide to do something other than the traditional camping activities. The question becomes — what else is spending time along the Frio River on the table for the curious traveler.

Perhaps a better way to think of other "to-dos" apart from camping is to consider what it is that you, and those with you, are trying to derive from your rustic getaway. By understanding what you want from your trip Frio, you can gain a better understanding of what it is that will put a smile on your face.

Still, there are just a few things that all the minds of the world just can't beat for pure, Texas Hill Country adventures. Here are five things you can add to your itinerary while spending time camping along the Frio River:

1. Frio Bat Flight Tour – If you are looking for a way out of the ordinary, look no further than taking the Frio Bat Flight Tour. Anywhere from ten to twelve million Mexican Mexican freefall bats hit the sky at about sunset. While checking out millions of bats doesn't seem so interesting, you have to think a little on the edge. You get the chance to look at a natural phenomenon that is rarely experienced by anyone. You look at the wonder and beauty of nature unfold before your eyes.

2. The Annual Nature Quest near Utopia, Texas – This annual event has been a big draw for local, national and international visitors to Texas for nearly the last twenty years. Participants will have the chance to learn about birds, butterflies, bats, native plants and endangered species. If you are getting close to nature, you might as well have a leg up to know about nature.

3. Garner State Park – When it comes to Texas history, Garner State Park is simply full of Lone Star significance. While it has its place in the history of the Lone Star State, this Concan, Texas jewel has become the place to camp overnight and enjoy all that Texas Hill Country has to offer. Garner State Park is more than just a campsite as a camping destination and is truly a unique backdrop for any Frio River camping trip.

4. Star Rentals in Concan, Texas – Now this particular place may not have the meaning of these other historic and special interest adventures, but it's important to know that Star Rentals offers kayaks and tubes to rent for your river needs. Think about how much less you need to bring with you when camping along Frio. In addition, Star Rentals is family owned, has been operating for many years, and is just minutes from Garner State Park.

5. Christmas on the Square in Leakey, Texas – Let's be honest — you probably won't spend time camping around the holidays, but in case you are, you will be rewarded with the little town charm that has won Leakey applause for years. Enjoy arts and crafts, and of course be ready for a visit from the happy old soul from the North Pole.

Frio River camping can certainly offer the usual camp prices, but if you are willing to try new things and seek a bigger bang for your travel buck, finding things to do, see and explore is just as easy.