5 Texas tourist attractions that are perfect for field trips this fall

Fall is a magical time of year in Lone Star State, because while you are not quite sure what to expect from the weather, you can always be sure of a great adventure. However, Texas tourist attractions benefit from the rich season experience because Texas is a getaway state. It is a large state and there is much to discover.

Although there are some general tourist attractions that are thrown around in conversation and advertising, it is nice in Texas that there is so much more out there. Here are five tourist attractions that are as unique as Texas, but still pack the fun you want from a seasonal trip:

1. Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park in Brenham, TX – This fun park packs fun for the whole family and is an important part of their draw. All of their activities are tailor-made for everyone, about all ages, and can have a blast. From go-karting to rock climbing, everyone will be fine.

2. Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, TX – This Renaissance festival is special because of its flair and ability to have maintained a place in the heart of Texas for over four decades and is considered the nation's largest Renaissance theme park. There are performances over many scenes throughout the festival area, and it's fun for the whole family. In addition, you can even rent a suit to get things started!

3. Pecan Festival in Austin, TX – Austin is known for live music, and right up there is the fame of Sixth Street and its many offerings of live music. One thing many do not realize is that downtown Austin was not on an artistic basis in the 1970s. The festival was put together to serve as a revitalizing area and was named after Sixth Street's original name, Pecan Street.

4. Blue Bell Aquatic Center in Brenham, TX – What better way to make the ultimate fun time then to take two individually amazing things like a fun water park and Blue Bell Ice Cream and put them together? The park boasts a pool complex with competition pool, as well as therapeutic pools and recreational pool areas. They also offer swim lessons and are swim meets with local schools. There is little urban feeling with the big city.

5. Blue Bell Creameries – It would be unfortunate to mention the Blue Bell Aquatic Center without mentioning its namesake Blue Bell Ice Cream. The company's headquarters are located in Brenham, TX and it is definitely worth a visit. Not only can you enjoy some of the best ice creams in the country in their own garden, you can enjoy the little Texas town elegance from Brenham.

Texas is big state and has a lot to offer its many visitors. Part of the fun, however, is knowing that many tourist attractions in Texas such as those mentioned above are also a great seasonal departure from their lifelong residents.