Things to do in Texas when it rains

Finding things to do in Texas is not a difficult task. If ever there was a state that specializes in tremendous things to do throughout the year, Lone Star State is at the top of the list.

This certainly makes sense when you consider the diversity of their larger, more large cities, as well as the smaller, more charming cities. However, you must take into account what problems may arise when it starts to rain.

Sure, Texas has a lot to offer, but when you consider that the most important events happening in the state are outdoor concerts, rodeos and trade shows, but when the rain comes, you have to go indoors. What do you do? Does Texas have something to offer for people who want to beat the rain but who still hope to take in something that is quintessentially Texas?

Of course, Texas has a lot to offer. You may need to get a little creative and travel a bit, but indoors Texas has significant offerings in the art world (both visual and performance), as well as music and entertainment.

Let's say you're great at artistic crafts. Well, then you must visit the Bluebonnet Pottery & Gift Gallery in Somerville, TX. Not only do you have the opportunity to see handmade ceramics being made, you can also take a class. Although it is not your thing to dirty your hands, you can still show your appreciation for the artistic work done and check out all the handmade pottery for sale. It's a great way to avoid rain, but also a great way to see first-hand (functional, on it) contributions to the art world from small towns all over Texas.

You can't beat the Round Top Antiques Show in Round Top, TX. The show started fifty years ago with a relatively small number of participants, but it had great recognition. Now the area hosts an antique event twice a year which is nationally ranked in terms of size and attendance. The events are referred to by people known as "Round Top" and even include smaller shows in the surrounding areas near Round Top, TX, and in many cases, these performances serve as a preview of the larger show. The show also attracts suppliers from as far as Canada, Mexico and Europe. Show organizers are quick to notice that venues can change from year to year, so it is important to check back with the event's website. If you are trying to avoid rain and fancy some unique antique pieces, this is the place to be.

If you are a music buff but want to avoid the rain and absolutely want to avoid the commercial feel of music venues and concerts, then it is worth checking Friends of Bluebonnet Opry in Brenham, TX. Bluebonnet Opry was formed in 1998 by Allison Crowson with a history of two decades. A monthly show was held every third Thursday at Brenham Fireman's Training Center. The shows were successful and really made for a good time, but uncertainty came when Mrs. Crowson had to withdraw from running the events because she became the assistant principal at Brenham High School. Ultimately, a few people came together to become & # 39; friends & # 39; to the riot, the show moved, and when they could benefit a local organization, they chose to take advantage of the local branch of Brenham Hospice. Musical acts from all over Texas and the rest of the US appear on their shows, and believing in their mission they are able to donate around $ 5,000 to & $ 6,000 to the Brenham Hospice branch.

Although we began to look for things to do in Texas to avoid rain, we really stumbled upon something more comprehensive than just a few places to give time. There is a beauty and appeal everywhere you see in Lone Star State and it is definitely worth a visit. See you soon.