Texas tourism is booming: this is why

The US is a country undergoing a bit of a rough update right now, and with every period of trials and tribulations, dips in how much people want to travel. Even with what seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for traveling in this great country, it seems that Texas tourism is weathering the storm better than even the most gritty travel experts could have predicted. The question is simple – why? How might the Lone Star State be able to maintain a steady movement of travelers across borders when other states see breaks?

It is best to think of the tourism boom in Texas as more than just a topical blip. Indeed, the campaign to make Texas a prime destination for the towers has been in full swing since the 1960s. At that time, Texas was seen as nothing more than a relic from the Old West, and it certainly did not help that it was a presidential assassination in Dallas in 1963. Times were tough for the state, and even its own residents sought greener pastures.

Finally, an organization called the Texas Tourist Development Agency was created for the sole purpose of making Texas seem like a place to be. With just over $ 100,000 in the mid-1960s, the agency began to work. By 1970, tourism had started to skyrocket, and revenues had broken a billion dollars.

Since then, the agency has been absorbed by other state government offices, but the Texas tourism boom still keeps steady, and when you go back and look at things, you can understand why. First, Texas is very business friendly. Generous tax cuts and subsidies have attracted some of the biggest brands on the national and international stage. This migration of businesses to Texas has certainly marked itself. For the past decade, for example, the Dallas / Fort Worth metro complex was only second to New York City in terms of retail, warehouse, office and rental space. Experts on real estate, retail and finance not only noted the historic length of the boom in Dallas / Fort Worth, but they also agreed that there would be no takedown anytime soon.

The jump in companies that make their home in Texas has meant better job openings for both residents and non-residents. The uptick in the number of jobs usually also affects the retail markets.

Perhaps the finest reason Texas has found itself so high up on the list of satisfying places to visit, or call home, is that wherever you are, you can always find a hidden gem of a city with a lot of hospitality and charm to offer. Besides, you are not really more than a day trip from the largest cities in Texas (e.g. Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio), and with hundreds of thousands of miles of roads, Texas is the ultimate road trip destination.

Texas tourism certainly sees a new era of explosion, but in reality the Lone Star State has been on the rise for the better part of six decades. All this means to you and your family that when you decide to visit, you will be well in time.